Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hey my, xmas is around the corner ooo....anyways speaking of xmas, I decided to give myself some presents....psychologists tell u that you gotta treat urself well, after you accomplish looking back on this year, I felt I did deserve some gifts so I went out shopping. I wanted a new phone....the one I had before was horrible, and I had my eye on the iphone...but over here, t-mobile has locked all functions, and I didn't want a phone which didn't have bluetooth or copy paste. My friend disagrees with me, but yeah, no I got myself for xmas

1. Samsung omnia 8gb

2. The first book in the "Artemis Fowl" series

3. Couple of scarves

Then I shopped for my family, etc...I had settled madams shopping last week, sure she wuld like it.

Anyways, as always I got naughty things on my mind, so I remembered an experience I had in secondary school. I was just getting into puberty, and my love for big big somethings was manifesting, especially with those lovely Ghananian woman selling puffpuffs...but I digress. Anyways I was in the local fellowship, which basically gave me psychological issues for years later, and I also had a "small-boy" crush on the female fellowship leader. Anyways I confided on one of these so called people, and he prompty informed me I was possessed/afflicted by the "Spirit of Jezebel"....or whatever that means....took me years to accept the fact that my high sex drive was healthy if channeled in the right direction.
Anyways the person I confided in now leaked my jist, and apparently the female fellowship leader heard it, when said person used me as an example of how lust was eating into the fellowship...kai, see my life.
When he/they later repeated a class (actually there were 2 of em who I confided in...cmon, my house and family weren't exactly confidante material), I felt it was vengeance from the most high.

Anyways I talked to the fellowship leader when we were in SS3, telling him I had a problem with lust, etc, and I needed help. See my life. Guys, abegi, no laff o. So he takes me to one spiro teacher, who was married to one intergrated science teacher who was hot. Chei....those days I no soji..
Anyways one saturday we go there and the guy begins to start carrying out "deliverance" on me. Casting out demons and shit. Now, I didn't feel anything. Seriously. After reading all the trash labelled as christian literature about demons, I expected lights, flashing, deep voices...but I didn't get anything like that, and time was going and I was getting bored.
So what did this crazy eficco do?
I began to act...check it out:

Teacher: I bind you in Jesus name, get out of him
Other student holding me.
wavemasta: (thinking) ol boi, this thin dey take too long...ok wetin be d name of that mount zion movie about demons...wetin the guy dey yarn..ok, ishawuru from agbara nla
wavemasta: (impersonating): no way, we are from the sea, we arent going lai lai

Teacher: entering into more frenzy: yes, leave him , go etc

wavemasta: Ehn, no way

It went on sha, till It ended...cant remember how....then the guy now said when he first saw me he saw the "contact point" was my eyes or something like that...we sha became friends till I left..and he always had fine honeyz always in his looking back, I wonder why....

Anyways most of my fellowship boiz just sojied (woke up) and became bad bad leader above us stole his mums stuff, and there was jist about one of them touching someones breasts during a closed eye session prayer meeting.. well it took me a while to deprogram myself, accept my sexuality, be normal, and have a relationship with a God who knows that I'm very randy but I try (and sometimes to channel it in the right direction.
When I janded after WAEC, nna men I had to deprogram myself, almost made me go mad...lots of confessions with my priest, lots of accepting my sexuality and my issues, and sorting myself out all on my own. When I have my kids, I am gonna be there for them during this period of their lives...I will accept them and not judge them. I will teach them and let them make their own mistakes n learn from em.
Anyways guys, hope you had a good days in secondary school. Kai, loving big big somethings, well, I'm hooked and my chick would have apoplexy if she heard me mention second
I love myself, my sexuality, and apart from all that, I got my goals, and where I am going in life...ahh my wife go so
Guys, I love you all....have a good week, I will blog some stuff later on.

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Afrobabe said...

Hahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...lmao @ u acting to get out of it...same thing happened to us, we gave our life to God, the whole family and they said we now had the spirit of speaking in tongues....oya speak now, silence.the spirit no gree take my family oh...they said open ur mouth and let go..We all did...

Except Popsie the sceptical...Popsie say na lie, spirit must enter first...we stayed till the younger ones (ok me) started crying from hunger oh... @ the youth leader that now stole and the one that touched someone's boobs...

sexuality is not taught in Nigeria...and growing kids need to know what is happening to their bodies...

kai, my comment long oh...