Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mehn, my people its not been easy, we thank God anyways. Nuthin much has been happening, just me settling into work...I swear the hard part is getting up every morning, and biking to work...arghh! And its snowing again, OMG....when I get to work I need coffee to shock my system back into shape. But I thank God, I cannot complain.
Speaking of the cold, that's just one of the challenges I face here....another is the loneliness and lack of intimacy.... u know am in a long distance relationship, bin ages I saw my gf, and I swear its crazy.....I miss the companionship u know...just having someone lying beside you, you could talk to...not just about sex, although speaking of that, I wonder if I haven't lost my skills, or I can still do some positions...see, its my blog, I can say whatever I
Someone from my past (a female) predicted I wasn't gonna be able to stay for 2 yrs without getting laid...while she wasn't totally incorrect, shed be surprised to see me now. I guess its true what people say...when you meet "The one" it's just different I guess..... I actually am here, and keeping to myself, u know being selective with any female contact here, just cus, well, what I got is worth it, and I am working to keep it. Although mehn, it can be was so so not made to be alone, walahi, God knew what he did when he made woman for man.
It's reached the stage my best friend tells me my need to get laid reflects in my voice...kai, make I catch you foolish
Well, to compensate, thank (Insert name of deity here) for Mrs hand and her 5 daughters...guys guys, don't criticize me....dudes gotta do what a dudes gotta do, and Mrs hand always comes in "handy".
But men, at times I ask myself, Ol boi, are u sure u can still do...etc etc...
But the loneliness and all is of my friends is so scared that if his relationship with his naija babe doesn't work out, he will just go and carry one akata.. I keep telling him to cool down, but I feel where he is coming from.
Anyways I go see madam this xmas insha allah, companionship men, e no good make u dey think things make devil dey try do u bad things in ur mind.
Amazing how lots of Nigerians back home think once you are in Europe or abroad that automatically the key to heaven has been handed to you. Man, you pay a steep price, let me tell you, nothing good comes easy. At least back home you get to come back to your loved one.
I was even advised by a friend to consider having a fling as long as it was "harmless"....if to say I was someone who couldn't think for themselves maybe I might have bought I said, well, I can't hurt someone I made a commitment too, and he said the same abt his chick...and he promised her not to touch another chick...but well lets leave that.... but yeah there's that temptation, and I know some guys in relationships back home who would take that offer. I am not better than anyone or holier (Hell no!)..but I have realized...after sex is over, and you look at the person beside you, and realize you guys don't have anything...ure just like "Damn....why didn't I just wank?" Trust me....its happened to me so when I say that if you have something precious with someone, don't throw it away..I knw what I am saying.
I had a serious talk with jah today....went kinda like this ok not exactly, but u get the picture.

wavemasta: Jah, how far, see we need to talk

God: yeah I know, see u no dey fear dey call me jah..see your head...

wavemasta: Sorry sorry daddy but you know I love

God: So whats up?

wavemasta: God, thanks for everything, for blessing me, for...

God: Dude, cut to the chase, ure grateful, ok,I get it.. now whats the koko?

wavemasta: God, I'm lonely, I'm horny, and am being faithful....which is whats expected of me anyways

God: Correct, u dey represent.

wavemasta: But see, we need to sort out somethings and if you know you don't want me doing things, well, make it work out so we get married o...and yeah let this chick and I work out.

God: Trust me, its all working out for your good...

wavemasta: amen

God: Can I go now? Hehe, just kidding....

Well una get the full picture.
I need to sleep. Gotta get up 2moro, hit the office.
Ciao dudes and dudettes!


Anonymous said...

I must say I BELIEVE NOW! I didnt think it was possible! Please do keep it up dear.

Anonymous said...

Dude, once again ur post was of the sheezie... I only wish guys (including me) here can do like you do (did). But guy its hard, very hard, as hard as TU. As we say in Tiv, "we will see as we go and go along as we see..." Tot ziens mijn vriend

miz-cynic said...

its good ur not cheating on ur girl jare,.u dey represent.