Monday, September 29, 2008

Its been a nice quiet season, I have had time to recuperate from my 2 year battle for MSC in this land. This land where smoking normal cigarettes is against the law, but smoking pure weed is legalized, and no, I am not joking.
Well, I sorted out most of my issues, I am collecting my kpali on Friday.
Oh, and the son of man got a job finally, multinational Japanese engineering company, so I will be writing software for them. Place is cool, has wicked benefits, like woah! I'm now searching for an apartment. I plan on pimping the place up, and making it toosh...I need to enjoy mehn, I don suffer finish.
I also am planning on flying out to check the madam for xmas, nuthing do me sha.
I've had time to reflect, to sharpen my saw, get in touch with my inner self, and all that. Gods been good, I can't deny. Only 3 of us actually are getting our certificates this year, from my department. If Jah didn't see me through, men, I dunno where I would be.
Church was cool on Sunday, although seeing some female body parts bouncing up and down during praise and worship kinda distracted me a bit...but God and I are still cool.
My love life's still there, had a bit of an argument, and we are both in too deep for any of us to call it quits without feeling the scars. So sha we just trying to patch things up best as we can cus we do have something people just dream about...
Well, I have nothing better to do, so lemme see if I can think up something for

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ade, read your blog, kinda nice, the style you have, keep it going and stop yabbing OKObia.....