Sunday, September 14, 2008

Straffe Okon 4


Straffe took a deep breath and wondered what this world was coming to. Not "coming" as in "cumming", but you know, coming in the right sense. His pastor might have said it was a sign of the end times but....straffe killed the guilty feeling, remembering his escapade with the big assed female choir leader, and brought his thoughts to reality.
He examined the dead body in front of him. Witnesses said they had heard a shout at night, and the sound of broken glass, and they had found his body near a cheap hotel at Ikoyi...with a nice bullet hole in his head...
Straffe allowed the forensic guys from the CABAL to carry the body to their secret lab for testing. They had already bribed all the MOPOL (Mobile Police) guys, so there wouldnt be any issues about jurisdiction....who cared about such anyways? All a guy wanted in this country called Nigeria was to get laid...sorry paid.
He went into the hotel, and checked the room where the body was thrown out off. The guys had swept the room clean, but he didnt want to take any chances..
He had just finished checking the bathroom, when he saw it...a hairpin, small and ornate. He picked it up, and examined had chinese markings. So either our dead guy was gay, and was with another dude with a chinese hairpin, or he was straight, and was with a chinese woman. Being the naija man that he was, straffe opted for the latter theory.
Asking around was proving abortive because not many people were willing to talk, till he bribed one of the hotel cleaners. "Yes sir, ahh dat man na greedy man, na only im wan carry dat kin tin". "Which kin tin?" Straffe asked?
"Ahh sir, the woman get body ooo, if you see the ikebe and the front...kai...and she big well well"....Straffe was getting horny for some strange reason....anyways, he gave the hotel cleaner some cash....the CABAL gave field agents "bribe allowance" which some of them diverted into their private accounts of course...but our hero was an honest guy.
He got into his beat up car, and drove back to the head office....and was so intent on driving that he didnt notice he ran past a red light, and all of a sudden, he was being asked to park.
"Shit!" he thought. "Oga, wey your particulars" the officer asked...on closer inspection, straffe saw the officer was a woman, big, and burly, with a large chip on her shoulder. By straffes deduction, he was sure her husband (If she had one) hadnt touched her in ages.
"Officer, see, how we go take do am?" he asked....."Oga you go follow me go station, except you drop 20k". "20k ke?" he said in this time the woman had opened the door on the passenger side, and gotten inside, planting her huge behind on the seats, which by now were groaning in protest.
"I no get money for here..e dey my house" he said calmly. "Ehn, dey drive"...the officer instructed. Straffe took his car onto the main road, swearing under his breath, but he began to notice that his erection had reached full strenght...and the officer had noticed it also. "Why your prick dey rise? ur girlfriend dey for house" the officer leered at him. "Wetin your eye dey find there...abi u dey fear the thing?" he asked. He took a short cut and within some time was at his apartment.
He let himself in and offered the woman a seat, and went into his room, came back and gave her the cash.

"Oga, na only this 20k you dey give me?" she asked...."Wetin you wan make I give you?" he asked "you suppose put extra, as you be oga" this time, straffes erection had reached full level....he walked up to the woman, and pulled her to him, his tongue invading the depths of her mouth...she responded hungrily...straffe began fondling her breasts through the uniform..he freed a nipple and began flicking it with his tongue..."Ahhhh" the woman moaned.....straffe undid her uniform, exposing her big breasts and began sucking them, while caressing her huge ass, he led her into his room, which was fully air conditioned, and began ravaging her body...he removed her skirt, and her panties, and began to caress her between her legs...."yeee, yee" the female officer groaned....she undid his belt and brought out his member, and took him in her mouth....she began caressing his balls, as he thrust in and out of her mouth...she was too wet by this time...she pushed straffe on the bed, and then straffe slapped on a condom, before she guided his erect pole into her...."ahhh" she moaned...and she began riding straffe was so long since a man had touched her...since her last boyfriend left her for a skinnier woman, straffe held onto her big breasts, watching her ride him..he reached behind, and held on to her large ass, as he thrust inside her...soon, he flipped her onto her back, and she spread her big thighs for him....straffe entered her with full force...slamming into her...she began to moan..."ahh ye! ye, do mi, do mi, dont kill me...." she was in 7th heaven as she wrapped her thighs around he thrust into her..he felt the buildup of semen in his loins...he then made her stand up, and bend over....she obliged....straffe could see how the opening to her love hole glistened with their juices...he held his member and eased into her....and began to thrust deeply into her...harder, faster....holding her breasts....the woman was delirious with pleasure...this man was good...better than anyone she had been with...and she felt a warm feeling in her loins...and then she screamed as she reached her climax....straffe kept pounding her large ass, making her scream, till he shot his load deep inside her.....

Gosh....he thought...I need to stop doing all this.... he turned around to see the woman with a large smile on her face.... "Oga, you sabi fuck well ooo" she giggled..
Straffe felt himself getting a hard on again.... well he still had time before he reported to headquarters, and besides, he had to make this police officer chick pay for messing up his schedule.... he reached for her again...

Somewhere somehow, Li Chang stepped on the accelerator of her vehicle...the car roared, and she threw back her head and laughed... the look on the foolish mans face when he saw her gun was so was even more funny when she put a bullet in his head and tossed him out of the window.... she really hated guys who bragged about their sexual prowess, and couldnt really pissed her off, and Li Chang did not like to be pissed off....
Her phone sms from the chinaman... although she knew him by a more intimate name... something had come up...she had to see him urgently...seemed there was some trouble...


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