Sunday, September 9, 2007

Conversations in an elevator

After eating free food at a church barbeque, I went to check on my chinese brit friend.......K. So I got to the complex, and made him get his lazy ass downstairs, to open the door. So we began gisting and all......I didnt feel like going back home, and all that, esp as it would have looked so depressing. We were discussing my finances, and then he mentioned asking B for help. When he made that suggestion, I offered to use him to disprove the law of gravity by throwing him off a building like in galileos experiment. He then replied......."Im a christian, so Im immune to gravity."(obvious joke by mel gibson in the family guy)
We were inside the building at this time, and were about to step into an elevator, and I was like "Its like saying, I dont belive in death since im a christian, and Jesus rose from the dead", which of course dosent work.
We entered the elevator and our conversation went thus:

K:Look the church has been obstructing science for a long time.

Me: Oh please they were really weird people

K: yeah but they were still church

Me: They must have had some weird brain function, caused as a result of celibacy, and lack

By this time the chick in the elevator was staring at us with an incredulous look on her face, she wanted to laugh, but I think she was just being polite.

K: So youre saying that the church did what they did because they werent getting laid

Me: yes

Ok,by this time. the woman began laughing, and K and I got off the elevator and hi5-ed each other. That was just a lil bit of messing around, nothing special.

But seriously men, seriously, I think not getting any over a period, might be detrimental to one's health.........hey cmon, Im only kidding!

Oh and I got this picture off the net, and Im sure you all are gonna laugh when you see this:

The Caption is African Ipod.....LOL

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