Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A new academic year has begun.....yaaay!!! But men, anyone thinking that studying abroad is a piece of cake........think again.........its not.
It seems im always goin thru a rough spot, but I guess none of you checked their acounts and saw negative, and my scholarship pple are refusing to pay, or are dragging their feet, which ever one. Thank God I just have a couple more months to go before I leave this place.
Like a friend of mine said and I quote "If my daddy wants a phd, then he should do it himself!"
Also, I had a bit of a tiff with my gf. Ive bin calling her, but its not been goin through.
Right now I have so many things goin on in my head............but I guess I have to be strong and positive, and believe that things r gonna work Goethe said "whatever dosent kill me makes me stronger" I have also began working on one of our notorious courses, I don tell the course say na me and am this semester, say nothing dey happen.
Its time for house fellowship. but I dont feel like being in the midst of spiro people, and listening to more depressing stuff from a manual, telling me things like the world is gonna end, etc. Yeah I know that the world is gonna end, and that the wrath of God will strike down all unbelivers cus this is holland and they have a red light district and blah blah (insert bored yawn here), but the best time to hear things like that is under the influence of a good glass of heineken (joke). Im trying my babys number again...............its not going.
I had to borrow some cash from a friend, to do my laundry after like 2-3 weeks, buy some milk so I can eat breakfast, and make some important girlfriend fone calls.........because using the laundry machines cost cash, and if ur account is in the negative like yours truly : ) well, fill in the blanks.
Now I was made the chairman of the african students comittee in charge of welcoming our new students, and I have to be thinking of crap like that, when I have more important issues to think about. Dont worry, I know what to serve them...........juice and groundnut, abi shebi most of them are from naija. They can chop anything.
My coordinator just told me he made an agreement with the scholarship guys, but he dosent know when they are gonna send the cash.
Chineke God, help thy pikin.

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