Sunday, September 9, 2007

akom proverbs

Those of you who read my blog would remember my erithrean friend who I have christened akom, cus thats how he pronounces akons name. I have decided to write a bit about some of the funnythings hes said and done .........enjoi

Today: wavemasta is in the lab and trying to do assignments on sunday afternoon. Next thing he hears celine dion(my heart will go on) playin in the background.

wavemasta: No, No, not celine dion! Shes the last person I need to hear right now

akom: you dont like it?

wavemasta: No.

akom: I want to marry her, but shes married to an old man.

friday night party:

akom: Hey are there free girls at the party?

wavemasta: No, leave me abeg

akom: We must see lots of girls

Now in the party, im dancing, and just chilling out, next thing, like a ninja, akom appears beside me.

akom: I wanna dance with you

wavemasta:(moving away from akom sideways faster than usher+micheal jackson ) WTF?

akom: Let me dance with you

wavemasta: I think the girls are right in front of you.....(He cudnt have been drunk cus the beer
was diluted)

Friday night in the lab

We are all discussing, me, a friend from kazakhstan called V, and my bolivian friend M. And of course akom.

akom: V I have been waiting for you.

V: why?

akom: I am in love with a girl from kazakhstan, and you are the only one who can introduce me.

V: Who is she? Is it the one in first year?

akom: yes it is, I like her

V: Sorry, shes married and has a 3 year old son.

at this point, everyone begins laffing at akom, and you could see his expression change.

Gosh, this was the same dude we psyched that the beef he was eating one time was snake meat and that if he eat it he would grow in wisdom.......

Right now as im typing Ive psyched akom that im a muslim (no offence to my Islamic brothers), and that my muslim name is Ahmed.........ok now I really need to work. you rock!!

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sugarlomps said...

this akom really needs help am sure if u told him u were a ghost he will take hook line n sinker.
good company though