Friday, January 9, 2009

Men, how una dey? Thank God its I am in front of the TV, watching cable, and my Grosch beer beside me...lifes good. Wetin I fit talk? But its cold now, really colleagues at the office say its not been this cold in 10 years, and that temperatures could go down to -22 degrees colleague was like, this is not Nigerian weather, and he has a point....add that to this freaking cold I have been having for ages, my people God dey.
For this cold, theres only one activity to keep me warm and satisfied, and its not gymming, those of you who know the koko will understand, to the rest, use your imagination. "Ahh wavemasta, you naughty eficco," I hear some ladies people no be my fault.Anyways sha, I am trying runs to organize my woman to come here, so by Jahs grace it will click. I don try o, its bin almost a year we saw last..
See my office oh, this orobo woman, well thank God shes married, she now wore one skirt like this, with tights again, and that thing was going from left to right when she was walking...but I rebuked the devil at lunch break today, one larrrge one was behind me...I think thats too big for me to carry (Abeg no tell people say I yarn this for public oo..), shes married too...hope the husband is treating her well sha.....I dislike it when orobo women are married to guys who dont appreciate long as shes healthy, and can move, and is presentable...omo, carry go!
Anyways one of my guys here, major friend went home to propose to his babe, his relationship was like mine...long distance. So to all of you who whine "Long distance relationships don't work" to all u girls who say "You men are all the same" lie! Show us you are correct, and can be faithful, and can keep your legs closed, and only accessible to the guy ure with, and then you will reap the benefits...except if the guy na back to my friend.. men I envy the guy...we never see yet. but if you see as in voice dey smile...I am meant to go and collect garri from the bagga tomorrow, as well as some naija CD's. I envy my pally, soon he will be married, have companionship, and of course the it will all be legal....well cmon I know marriage isnt about the koko, but I am sure my sisters, afrobabe and badderchic will tell you that the koko is a very important part of fact, scientific studies have shown that lack of koko has lead to the breakdown of most marriages....if you don't believe me, contact me for the er...'statistics'.
Speaking of naija CD's, I discovered this guy called that dude can RAP....damn...I fell in love with his flow in a song by some usher wannabee(though he was also good) called D.I.P.P....I am critical of rap coming out of naija, since ruggedman didnt seem as hot as his first album, and I don't dig naeto C that much, but thats just me...Ikechukwu seems to love screaming to compensate for the empty silences when he cant think of rap....and mode 9 is ok...but men, M.I na correct guy...check out the video called 'dangerous' with D.I.P.P..he rapped at the end anyways.

*Ps: if you do not know what the 'koko' are on a looooong tin....
Am out people!


Afrobabe said...

see??? there is written scientic evidence to upport my else will u bond with ur husband if he doesn't make you sweat and giggle???

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think The M.I is cool. have you got his album, well does he have one yet? By the way, Your guyz case is an exception. By the way, I think guys shud try stuff, you get the koko. Not stick like glue to one cat. Hahaha