Wednesday, August 1, 2007

One Year

This post might end up being short, since some people have complained that my posts are "too long" (whatever that means). Today is a special day for me. Why? Because by this time today, last year, I had just arrived in this obodo country having being picked up from the airport, wondering how I would survive in this land. And yesterday last year, I said bye to naija , and boarded a KLM flight how time flies.
Now a whole frigging year is gone, and a new set of "prisoners" are being ferried in today, heck, they are probably in their rooms, wondering the same thing I was wondering last year.
All I can say is that time really does fly, so we should be judicious in our use of it.I was lookin at my bible yest, and I saw the date I wrote on it......August 2005, and I was like......woah.......this is now 2007, but I still remember when I bought that bible, and I still remember 2005. Then I was in the bush, doing something called NYSC, and wondering how my life would turn out, and now, Im in oyinbo land. I guess I gotta lotta things to thank God for.
Now one year don go, thank you Jesus. Now dear God, please give me the grace and power to endure for another year. Let my mind be so occupied that I dont have time to think depressing thoughts or worry myself over nonsencical, trivial issues. Let the time fly so that before I say anything, august 2008 don land.
By this time next year, son of man must be ready to enter some mega company wey dey pay cold hard excessive cash.
I am not an eficco for nuthin, pepper suppose rest for man.
Safe y'all.


sugarlomps said...

well time does fly
and its good to know that u are making something out of ur time there
and u think ur effico nah 4 money

the genius within said...

God's faithful. Always has been, always will be...yeah time does fly...