Saturday, July 28, 2007


Hey todays my birthday..............Im so so grateful to God for allowing me to see another year, its not been easy. Some pple slept in their beds yesterday and all, and didnt wake up, but your friendly neighbourhood crazy nerd is here, and its just by the grace of God. And also, in 3 days time, it will be exactly one year since omo boy departed the shores of naija, via klm into the unknown, not knowing what the future would hold. Mennn this life sef, we cannot fathom or understand it, its just in Gods hands. I hear someone asking me how old I am, and Im like............."A year older." A typical naija reply. I never knew how my life would transform and all, just by coming here, I have grown ,and found out stuff about myself I didnt know existed.
Anyways enough of the philosophical yarns. Im sure pple would want to know what went down with me today. Well I went to my friend G's room. G is from east africa, and he has just finished his masters program. I went to G's room to pick up some stuff, and basically G began yarning about his favorite subject.......... yeah you guessed it....chix. Basically G has a fiancee and all, but sees nuttin wrong in bonkin everythin in skirts. So after G began telling me about another east african chic he'd bin bonking, who was also engaged my blood began to run cold. Next thing, G began yarning about one chick who had someone back home, as in a husband oh, officially. G was like this chick was just bonking around, and the hubby supposedly flew over here for her graduation. I hate hearing stuff like that, cus well a select few will know that Im undergoing a transformation process so that I can view the females with a nice normal eye. I am tired of pple telling me that women cannot be decent, and that given the right circumstances, they can cheat. G is like "men dont say so and so cannot cheat, cus men u dont know what can happen".
Anyways G tells me about a carnival taking place in rotterdam, and since I needed to change my environment and get outta here fast, I accepted his invitation, and your crazy nerd sprayed his Armani perf (yeah u know I dey represent), and we went to the carnival.
The carnival was so so cool. A lot of music, a lot of chicks, dancing, shaking, gyrating. All sizes, and all shapes, and all colors. Lepa, orobo, black, white, mixed race, etc, it was too mush, (quoting lord of ajasa). Men we saw so many things, that cant be described, all I can tell you is that Im sure you wouldnt want your daughter shaking like that in a custume on the streets, lol.
Next thing, G and I entered into another chicks discussion again. Now yeah I know say I be eficco, and I sabi somethings. Some people even dey say that I be ekun. (but well thats their own), but men I also love Jesus like it or not, and yeah I knew I wanted outta the whole game. Cus it was so senseless. Just random screwing, without any meaning, so I had made up my mind that by Gods grace oh, I should just make my money, and get a wifey, so I can do all the naughhty things I like to do......legitimately.
G was just laffing at me and telling me that look, hes 10 years older than I am and has seen things. He told me, hed seen pastors, ministers, basically screwing around like mad, and that I was speaking from a theoretical point of view. He was telling me that he deals with the practical aspect, and that when it came to software, and programming, and mathematics, that yeah I could definitely say that 1+1=2. But that in real life, I couldnt say that cus stuff could always happen. He told me I should just pray to God that please oh abeg, dont let me do this. Cus he was like, you can just find yourself doing stuff you never imagined.
I chewed on this for a moment, and I realized that even though I mightnt agree with him on all fronts, this dude did have a point. You cannot say for certain that, yeah Im not gonna do this, or that, cus we are all human, and stuff can happen given the right conditions. I remember doing stuff that I never thot I could do or imagined I could do. I remember finding out that the real world was much different than what you read about in a xtian book or head from someone. Its realli crazy. I remember having so many problems with xtianity and all , cus people never talk about the human side of things, they simply make you feel guilty about stuff, that they do and enjoy.
So well I saw things from G's point of view. I mean just imagine yourself, a man, you just had a fight with your wifey, you go for a drive in your Ikoyi estate, then you see this hot mamacita, that you knew had the hots for you, and you guys had bin kinda close. You pull over, and talk to her, she asks you if things are ok. You drive over to her place, she pours you a drink, and listens to your problems. You bow your head from sorrow, she drops the drink shes holding and comforts you, then you raise up your head and kiss her, clothes come off and all, and yeah you do the math................
10 mins later, you are like OMG, WTF did I just do? yeah you heard, you just cheated on your wifey. Damn, shit happens. Next thing you know you get sucked in. She shows you attention , and listens to you and shit gets deep, and yeah you choose to ignore the lil voice inside you telling u you gotta stop this.....
Sometimes we human beings have our heads so far up in the clouds that we forget that its only the grace of God that keeps us safe, and that things can happen. I am not endorsing wrong behavior, Im just saying that we should remember that when we point one finger at someone, 3 fingers are pointing back at us.
Before you judge someone, Mr pastor, holy person, or an average person like me, put yourself in this persons shoes, and ask yourself..........What if it was me? what would I have done?
I had this problem, and God just showed it to me, and Im taking steps dealing with it, even though its so so painful at times. We make excuses for our own behaviour, and we show no mercy to others for the same mistake. We expect perfection, and we are not perfect.
Guys expect to marry virgins, when they have basically acted porn scene movies with other peoples future wives.......I hear someone say "wavemasta thats the way the world works", but I say that if thats how the world works, then it sucks. Big time.
I told G that Id never cheat on my wife, and he told me to talk to him in 6 yrs time, after I had worked for like 3 different companies. I told him I still believed in family values, In love, and honesty. Im not saying my wifey should be perfect and all, but men, cmon, I still believe in love dammit! Am I old fashioned somebody?
Im not a saint or a JJC. Ive bin around, and I aint proud of it, but cmon, I know that if Im in love with you then I wouldnt wanna hurt you, no matter what.........but G tells me that I like too much
G reminded me of what I said when I first came here, that I wanted to do all the assignments myself, naija style and finish all the courses next year. I told him that yeah I sojied well well and found out that they wanted us to do teamwork and besides I couldnt do everything on my own, and that I had finished all but 2 courses of the coursework. G told me that I can now see that what I said I would do was different from what I actually did, and that when it came to real life, never say never.
Well my elder bros and family came around, and gave me a present,and I felt good.They also made me re-affirm my belief to get a dinstinction from here cus men, I need cash, cold hard cash, ego, kudi, owo, benjamins, I can be financially independent , and organize madam (wink wink)
On my way back from seeing them off I stopped by a friends room, a dude from chile called alex, and his friend carlos. They had some beers, and were watching a movie, and when I told them it was my bday han han u suppose know now......dem organise shayo for son of I dont shayo too much and not too often but today I was like abeg after a beer we begin dey yab batman and why hes so rich and all. After a second, we began gisting about our futures. Men guys shayo is hard core spiritual shit oh, it makes you yarn the
Well Im back in my crib, typing this, wondering how my life will turn out, and if I will overcome all my inner battles, especially with religion, and pple judging each other. Wonder if I will ever get to the point where I look at a chick as who she is now , and not what she did before......well sha God dey, and I go make the song says.
Thanks to all the guys who remembered my bday, all my ex Lag guys, and babes, both in naija and beyond..........God bless you and may u live longer......And to my familia, the same goes!!
I gotta go guys, take care!


the genius within said...

happy birthday remi...sorry i mean post no long at all oh...anyways thank God for your life. May he preserve your life and let grant u the desires of your heart...anyways peace out and enjoy...

PS: did the lap dancer i sent via dhl get to ur end?...lmao

exschoolnerd said...

Happy belated birthday to u bubu..Thank God for seeing u through to another year.Wish u all the best.Love moi

sugarlomps said...

wavemasta nah wah ds ur blog long ooo.
well hapi bufday 2 you, i hope u got my gifts.