Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well I went to church today. Shit has been really going down, and I felt I needed God more than ever.My parents cancelled my trip to france for crazy parental reasons, telling me its for "safety" reasons, and that was after they had agreed and I had spent 70 euros on a discount card, allowing me to ride the dutch trains, and also the international trains with a discount. And I was meant to buy my ticket today.
I received the text message when I was watching Pirates of the caribbean 3 (Which in my own honest humble opinion is crap). I went to the movie to get my mind of some issues with me concerning, my life, academics, and madam, and this text came in. When I get texts from pupcy, I can be sure its gonna ruin my day. He now began telling me they want me to to travel in a group, after everyones left, and here people are on their own and all, and Id already planned stuff. I called them and he and mumcy began this tag team crap, telling me that I hadnt done my research well about travelling, and Im acting as if they havent been abroad before and blah blah. Anyways I got pissed and just called the whole thing off, which was what they wanted.
I mailed my siblings, and all, and talked to my shrink and madam. When I felt better I just sent them a text telling them fine, I'd do what they wanted. I got a text from them telling me God bless me and that there wud be more opportunities. This was after I was happy I was going to change my environment, from this depressing place.
Shebi its for a season? And this program is soon gonna be over. When I get into shell, or schulum, and I just severe all contact, then they go hear wein. Thank God I have decided that academic life isnt for me at all.
Imagine, them still controlling my life, and trying to manipulate me with bible verses like "honor ur mum and dad", and playing my emotions....................infact men im still pissed.
Since Im still partially dependent on them, I had to kiss ass. I was so pissed off yesterday, I was actually slamming my table. I called madam and she calmed me down and all. She was so sweet, but in the light of one of our major problems, the advice seemed, dunno, tainted. I was just like, such a sweet person, and so loving, and yet, shit happened. But thats by the way. I am just happy that July is finally coming to an end, cus this is like one of the worst months of my existence.
If It wasnt for the grace of God, Id have gone mad by now.
Well whateva. Im gonna do some major prayer and fasting. For schizzle.
At least I chopped jollof rice, salad, and chicken, at church today so Im fine. And I have made arrangements to look for a summer job, so well, lemme be positive , and trust God. Its amazing that through all this, I have drawn close to God and Jesus. Well thats why you havent seen headlines saying "Nigerian Student runs mad in room".

Oh, and I got this interesting piece from one of our church services, this is about how the past can affect us now.
Just remember that before you do stuff, whether its sleeping with one chick you just met, drugs, or ure taking advantage of someone, just know that its gonna come back and haunt you one day. And it goes the same way for chicks. Cus when u wanna get married, and you find someone ure in love with, and he hears abt shit uve done, then men, get ready for some crap. Whatever we do today, drugs, insults, crap, etc, can come back to haunt us.
We are all humans, but lets try and live responsibly. Trust me, I know.

Yes I like orobos, but I try to see them as more than sex objects, and I try to handle women responsibly. Im still human though, havent turned into a preacher.

Well Im gonna correct one of my essays. Wish me luck.

Safe y'all.


sugarlomps said...

well pple make mistakes and they learn from them, thats the most imp thing i life.
parents are like that am sure it will come to a time when you will back and laff at all ds esp wen kids also begin tto grow and when they call u old.
Pls dont go crazy o abeg
everthing will work out fine
so na food u go chop 4 church thank god u at least heard d msg thats good.

Andy said...

Crazy nerd, I wonder how you would be when you become a parent. Who knows, maybe even stricter than your parents?

psykotikdiva said...

i totally get you, sometimes i think i'm adopted or something and then sometimes i remember some of the sweet things they've done for me.

wavemasta said...

@sugarlomps: Thanks dearie

@andy: I will be more understanding, and try and see stuff from their point of view

@psykotikdiva": Thanks for feeling me, at times I wonder "why me"?

wavemasta said...

@andy....when I said "their" point of view I meant my future kids.

exschoolnerd said...

sorry about u having to cancel ur trip to sue u were rally looking forward to it..hope u can do it some other time...

dont even get me started about parents..cause i will compose my own entry here.

miss u loads...miss how we used to yarn.

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Remember the slogan in Naija 'No condition is permanent'. Keep your head up.