Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Madam forced me to go out to watch a movie, so I picked up a fellow naija guy, obi, and we both went to the cinema to watch "Transformers". Since I was/am still a huge fan of the series, It was great, and yeah I wasnt dissapointed.
It was nice seeing my favorite robots, like optimus prime, Iron hide, battling the bad guys like megatron, and starscream. But men Megatron transforms into a gun now, han han, whyd they change him? But the producers did a good job of making all the decepticon(bad guys) robots look evil, what with the scary red eyes, and all, as if say all of them don dey weed anyhow. Just imagine if robot dey smoke, kai, if I see that one I go know say judgement day don dey come slowly.
See now I went to see one of my professors this morning about a project replacement for a course I did. Dont want to go into details, but it sha involved one of our partners, deciding that since he did most(ok, all) the work, he wasnt gonna work with us anymore and was gonna do his thing, anyways no hard feelings sha.
So I go meet the prof for a new project and na so the prof dey propose one weird project like this, then he carries me to the office of one other naija guy doin phd under him, and the conversation is like this:

prof: yeah I want you to work with kaz on polynomial (insert freaky shit here)

wavemasta (gulp), er sir , sir, em em you see....

kaz : (speaking in one conc Ibadan/ijesha/whatever accent) yes sir, he is free, we should give him something to occupy him, and make him work for us

wavemasta: (thinking)men no be omo boi go help you do your phd, oh, bone naija connection

prof: ok, see you will submit the thing in august

by this time, I could see my holiday plans goin up in smoke, han han I suppose go france now, I gats to comot from this place

wavemasta: (putting on my best pitiful look) sir, I have an exam in august, and I gotta do compiler construction and all that, besides Ive bin working realli hard and my head has bin aching

Prof(smiling): Its your problem , not mine

wavemasta(Now desperate) : Sir what would Jesus do?

prof (smiling) Jesus is for guys getting close to God. Are you that christian?

wavemasta: yeah but Im still human

prof: In the same way, Im also a christian, but not so christian that I let you off the hook like that

wavemasta (dejected) ok sir

prof (still smiling) ok lets go to my office.

well it ended well, kaz wanted to finsh me ooo, the prof brought out one project, when he began describing it, I was like, men abeg, I no fit.
Kaz was like prof he's a great programmer, so the prof now asked me if I was, and I was like "I try", and the prof accused me of waving too, in no sabi say I be omo naija. Well finally I settled for the research paper, and kaz was like, he can do etc, etc, the prof (God bless him) was like, I'm not asking him to do anything innovative, just to survey the area.
Well I gotta write at least 20 pages, and submit it in september.
At least I get a holiday .
Men today was the day madam was meant to show, if not for those oyinbos (thunda fire them). I just comforted her and let her know we'd still see each other.
Men this love sef, we no sabi am oh.

Well safe, I decided to cook chicken stew, and Its on the fire, and (to madam), mine is berra than yours!!!!
Yeah the money from naija came in yesterday, and son of man is happy. Men its not good to be penniless in a foreign country men. To guys who think studying abroad is all milk and honey, men its not. It involves other things. You need God, prayers, and to be strong.
Enuff of d speeches, later!


sugarlomps said...

ok madam cooking must suck for you to be a beta cook than her.
so you went to see transformers ok o
so kaz has yoruba accent i will tell him and you know i will.
so you don turn guru now abi that they are hooking you up with phd student i thot u were there for your masters
so u will be romancing ur papers instead of madam

bibi said...

lol.. funny blog