Monday, July 16, 2007

Tribulations and Thanksgiving

I havent blogged for ages, because of well stuff I have bein goin through. Its just crazy the way things have been happening, and I dont know where to start....
A zen proverb says that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step", so let me start.
Well my chick and I have bin going on fine, except for the fact that yeah we have bin having issues, and its my fault. I blame myself because I always step to my actions, and take responsibility for stuff I do. We have issues relating to stuff she told me abt her past when we were friends and all, but when we got serious and all it began to bug me for some strange reasons and all,and we would argue and all, but the thing was I knew this was from me, and my wahala, and I had to do some work on myself, because I am not gonna sabotage the best thing that has happened to me. And yeah Im making progress, and Im over it now.
That aside , omo boi checked his account and saw like 2 digits. Men I wanted to faint. I decided to play it cool and chill till the beginning of july, men nothin showed,by this time I was desperate because the rent pple had taken their kishi for the month, and nuthin was left,except 2 digits. I went to see my oga, to yarn him the koko. He went and arranged stuff for omo boi, nuthin show for my account oh!
Men Na so your guy begin cook rice and beans for here o! In fact, e no easy.
As of now, dem never pay, but I believe they will.
Thank God madam has bin a source of joy and support. Anyways sha I need to get out of here and take a holiday, somewhere else.
So much has been happening, enuff tribulations, but well I believe in God and the fact that things are gonna work. After all, he got me this far abi?
Also men mumcy dey vex becus of that email I send am last week, I had to call and explain stuff. Anyways sha, I cant go into too many details, but this has bin a trying period for me, and yeah I believe things will get better, like madam always tells me "This is just a phase".
safe y'all


sugarlomps said...

o boy thats something well hope there was garri to go with the beans, oh my the chinese pple will surely miss you.
well thanksgiving is it.

sugarlomps said...

its a phase that i am sure will pass cos everyone has there their tyms so jus keep on holding on.take care