Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I haven't blogged in ages.....and well I'm sorry and I've been busy. So much has been happening to your friendly neighbourhood crazy nerd, so much that it makes me wonder. These 11 months Ive been here have totally transformed me into a different person, Its really amazing. Anyways enuff about me.......
I had this exam today......parallel algorithms, an exam thats dreaded by students in my department (with good reason, in fact ALL our compulsory courses are dreaded :-)).
I actually passed the first time with a 6, which was like woah to some students cus people just dreamt of passing it, they just wanted to pass, and yeah getting a good grade is meant to be just for jah. But well you know me now, naija man, greedy man, I wanted more, I wanted a higher mark, so men yours truly went and did study group with some italian and spanish guys, initially, I wanted to just cry, cus Ricardo and Ben would simply be speaking italian to themselves, explaining shit, and I'd imagine myself frantically waving my hands and screaming "I'm here, speak in English!!", then Martha, and Yago would begin speaking spanish, and since Ricardo speaks spanish, german, and italian as well as English (Ahhhh opression!) they would begin to speak, and yeah you get the gist.
Wasnt bad, sha, at the end we spoke english and explained a whole lot of stuff to each other. I found out that I learnt more than if I just wanted to do it myself, naija style. Yeah you know how we do it.....If you got knowledge, dont share it, and keep it to yourself so no one scores higher than you, but here, they really dont give a damn. All they are interested is in the knowledge, and its application. I was actually able to teach and explain stuff to people....hmm so I actually DO have something upstairs afterall.......
Anyways, I wrote the exam today, I actually slept well (as opposed to before my C++ and Java exams) and I took it as a good omen. I thanked God........yeah Id been doing a lot of that lately, since the sermon I heard last sunday in church about thanksgiving, and yeah apart from the sermon, I destroyed a whole plate of pounded yam, with egusi, gizzard, chicken, meat (When I see naija food here, I no dey form levels men!) If my mum saw my plate, she would have had a heart attack.
Anyways back to the gist, yeah I entered the exam hall, and they gave us the questions. I saw one question that scared me........cus even though I had prepared for the exam I hadnt seen stuff like that, and the exam had 2 parts which could be taken separately, and I planned on doing both parts together in 3 hrs (which some students here would consider suicidal), but men I be naija boi, eye don tear, dem no get craze, ah ah , nuthin dey happen.
(OK, I've switched off my tout mode....) yeah so I asked my indian friend what he thought, since the exam hadnt started and he began laughing, and I saw that most people in the class were laughing....my friend is like "the answers for part 1 have been stapled to the question paper"......I was like WTF? sharply, I entered naija boi agbero mode, and opened the thing, and lo and behold, it was there.
Men I activated my dubbing no jutsu technique (for naruto fans), since Im a special nerd, I can copy things at the speed of light, but since Im realli intelligent, I seldom use that technique, I prefer to just rely on ma natural brainz.
So I checked it out and it was true, and I just had time to glance at the thing that was bothering me, before they took away our papers and called the prof in charge.
If na for naija, dem for cancel the exam. Not so for Prof....the guy just tore the answers off the question papers and redistributed the thing. The prof na sharp guy, in no get time for wahala.
So I finished part 1 in 30 mins, (yeah u can congratulate me later, I know I rock), and did the part 2. I had to think and bust ma brainz, and I was able to solve 2 out of 3 questions. For the one I had problems with, I solved it in 2 different ways, and wrote on ma paper "Dear sir, I'm a bit confused, please pick the best solution", oyibo people are free, and thats why I like em. Go try am for naija, you no go graduate.
I finished, and then I discovered I made some silly mistakes, and I was afraid that I mightnt score as high as I wanted, and yeah I remembered the pastors sermon and began praising God and all, but my heart was still heavy. I fashied it and gave thanks to him, and I told God this morning that I appreciated all he did for me, and even if I didnt meet my goal, I'd still give him thanks.
I was tired, but I had another exam (compiler construction) on friday also dreaded by Computer Engineering students, and If I normally sleep in the daytime, I get massive guilt attacks, as if "yeah ure meant to be working and not sleeping". So I watched like 3 episodes of "heroes", chatted with a friend, who revealed what I'd always suspected about her feelings for yours truly (fine boi, omo mummy) , and then I went to work.
I have been having some issues with julie and all, like I put in my former posts, and then some really hard core shit began flashing into ma brain when I was writing my exams this morning, it was like crazy, and I could almost hear some whispers telling me all my hard work for this exam wasnt gonna pay off, but men I rejected all that in Jesus name....but even after the exam I still felt the effects ..........Watching heroes made me take my mind off all that.
I needed time to study, and I got to the library, and switched off my phone,(and as I write this, it is still off...), and I did a marathon.........from 3 .00 pm approx till like 11.30 pm approx, I took breaks for dinner and all.
I really needed to meditate, and so I listened to Anthony Robbins, awaken the giant within. I downloaded it, using my methods, and I listened to what he had to say, I will share it with you briefly. He talked about how we as human beings have beliefs that either empower or disempower us......beliefs about ourselves, people, relationships, etc, that have been subconsiously fed to us, ,maybe by religion, society, or tradition (ok, that lines mine, not tonys), so I made a list of all the
disempowering beliefs I had, about myself , my abilities, and everything, and I was shocked at how much shit we accumulate in our subconscious minds, I dug really deep and came up with stuff that was inside me that I didnt even know was there.
I prayed to God and asked him to help me get rid of those beliefs, and get new empowering ones. Then I wrote down some goals that were important to me, my life, my career, etc. And yeah my fone was still switched off. I was really pissed off, and didnt want to lash out at anyone by accident, or transfer anger, and yeah I learnt a new technique for dispelling negative feelings and thoughts , from Anthony Robbins, well I didnt use his own exactly, I created mine.
When crazy thoughts enter my head, I just imagine someone pressing a detonator, and a huge explosion rocks the screen of my mind, destroying the negative picture. Or some times I visualize small explosions on different parts of the screen of my mind, destroying the picture, or even better, just imagine some dude with a razor blade scratching and tearing down the picture in your mind, but visualize the picture as a paper picture.
I covered 11 lectures out of 14 in the lecture slides, and yes I will finish up tomorrow, but Im going out with someone to repair wasiu (my bicycle). The guy has been retired long enough, and Im gonna fix him tomorrow. The rusty bike which was graciously loaned to my by my iranian acquaintance (not friend, I mean yeah he gave me some persian vodka, but puh-leassse!), has been returned to the owner, who suddenly decided he wanted to sell.
If I gist you about that bicycle eh...men If you pedal too fast, the chain comes off, and since its rusty, you get rust on your hands. So just imagine if youre gonna see a fine fine yarinya, and youre wearing a white tuxedo.............except if your dads name is bill gates, or youre the son of an oil sheikh from the middle east, your own don finish.
And I know some guys wanna yab me and say "han han Ade, you f** up oh, for naija you dey drive motor, for holland you dey ride bike"......well its the primary means of transport, everyone, including my professors have bikes, and yeah cars are only used for long distances.
Just TRY, if dem born you well , TRY, riding a bicycle to your girlfriends house in naija. Check this out

1. The gateman go disgrace you, onto say in only go primary school, and you get degree.

2. Na stone dem go use chase you comot from the house.

3. Your own family go carry you go deliverance, you know those men in white robes who will scrape your head with an unsterilized blade, and wash your head with water.

Whew!!! Men Men...............lastly before I go, remember I said I sent an email to my parents talking about how I felt growing up, and the experiences I passed through, and the hurts, and the way I saw things back then, and they replied, and told me that, well though I might have "exaggerated" a bit (Well we know African parents must have the last word), but they were sorry, and they were glad I forgave myself and them, and they did everything out of love and no hard feelings.
They were happy I got all these off my chest, and were like....If I felt like talking , I could call em anytime. They were also like, who else can I call a witch, except my own parents, and they won't eat me up? Well of course I dont call my parents names, but yeah I'm happy, I'm moving on with my life, slowly but steadily, dropping the excess baggage from my past, and thanks to the special person who made all this possible. At least my parents see me as grown up and matured now, and thats something...now I just have to build my own crib and run....... lol!

Gotta go....I have to brush my teeth, and I got another episode of "heroes" with my name on it.... I know, I just know that I'm a mutant and I got special powers.....

And yeah my phone is still off.......


exschoolnerd said...

i thorougly enjoyed that this entry...see as the prof just gv una freee expo...u tlk true sha if na naija..they will cancel it and postpone it till forever.

Lol at ur frends blanking u out with the different languages they speak.

And the bit about riding a bike to ur naija gf's house crazked me up...especially the shaving of head with unsterilized blade......lmao!!!!

loved this entry.

sugarlomps said...

parallel alogrithms the name sef is enuff headache
yeah you sef go and learn 1 language at least oh you sef you for start your own yoruba she na national language
gruby is that what you went to church to do.