Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I decided to write this, cus something funny happened to me today. During my unilag days, I had decided that bein an eficco (geek) wasnt gonna attract dem honeyz at all. If you had a four point something CGPA, that was for your own pocket.
So Id always nursed this secret desire to dance, and so I joined my fellowships dance group, thinking I would learn........lai lai, no one was willing to teach.
Na so omo boi begin dey watch usher and ginuwine, and I got one of my pallies, a guy named KNN to start teaching me how to pop and lock and breakdance. Men u wan try....I remember going to surulere to learn from one dude who was supposed to be the best.....ahh romeo.kudos to you....
Anyways sha, my group got this new dude called wande........this kid was good, this guy could dance mennnn, no be small. You should have seen him doing one man dances. And this kid was approachable. You could talk to him, and he wouldnt form. I remember having to go to newest hall to take lessons. Men those were the days.
He had problems then financially, and all that, and the fellowship dudes werent helping...I remember he had to wear a mask to do a solo dance of "get ur freak on", and I watched that dance instead of going for a fellowship meeting cus I was fed up with the whole thing........
Now fastfoward to today when Im watching the "move your body video" by dbanj, on youtube, and someone commented abt how wande could sing, and I was like.....woah woah, hold up..I knew this dudes face looked familiar, I watched it again, and yeah, it was the lil kid who used to give me lessons, and was struggling, and hustling back hes with Mo Hits records with dbanj and Don Jazzie, and he's now Wande Coal.......... I checked out his myspace, and heard some of his jamz.....realli nice...the boy has now tooshed up.....hes looking really fine, and im sure he's rocking well. It just goes to show that you should never look down on people, cus men you dont know tomorrow. Im sure he might have toasted some chicks back then who turned him down, but look at him now. I also saw him on another youtube clip with dbanj,and he was performing in America. This was some1 who was realli realli down..I wont get into details but I knew what he faced those days in unilag. Now God has helped him, and Im glad for him oh.
Talent........we all got it, and sadly, most of us seldom develop it. When we hear of talent, we think of being able to step like Michael Jackson, sing like usher, or beyonce, or write like sidney sheldon.....but your talent could be something as little as being able to comfort people, or your talent could be your smile, or to be able to write. I just discovered I could write poems, and I found it as a result of some shit I was going through, and I needed to express myself.
So to might not get to read this, but men Im proud of you, and for taking out time to teach an eficco like me how to do the crip walk, when others didnt have time for me.....It built up my confidence, and made feel good about me, and gave me more ballz to toast chix. Thanks a lot men. Cmon after I knew I knew I wasnt gonna get a first class anymore, omo boi had to enjoi himself now.....
So guys show wande some love........check out his myspace link here and here he is in this dbanj video "move ur body" singing beside Dbanj......and yeah his face is as black as Coal, lolz.


sugarlomps said...

every1 has their talents am happy that u ur frnd his talent n u discovered ur talent.
but effico like u wanting to step ... jus kidding
but i am still trying 2 picture u doing all those moves n breaking
still imagining

the genius within said...

when d f r u going to