Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogging dosent give me joy. The joy of blogging is when guys read your comments.......but screw them all........I started this for the sole purpose of airing my thots to the world. I had a friend over from the UK.....a very cool dude. T was one steady reliable guy,whom I rolled with back in those days. We kinda lost contact, but I remember chilling with him and some of our gang back then. He ran to the UK during my service year, and I think I remember thinking about how my life was gonna turn out, not knowing that my life would change very soon.
So T came over, and we had fun, we reminisced on how far God brought us since the days of hustling for 20 naira bread, or riski burger, just outside el-kanemi hall back in my lag days. I showed him round my school, and it was our introduction week for the new dutch bachelors students, and my friend commented on the fact that our jambite week in unilag was more fun than what they were doing over here. I remember youd come over to the faculty and hear people jamming like crazy, and see guys and chicks, and guys trying their best lyrics, and the chicks frontin like crazy....although u all know that since I am an eficco, I didnt have time for such (wink wink).
Yeah T and I rocked town, went out, eat in nice restaurants (no more 50 naira iyan from iya kukurats buka!...yessss!!!) , and just had a lotta fun........the pix are on my facebook, for all of you interested........Then we began discussing our pasts, and how things were back then. I felt I had issues, and I always used to talk abt em to people, but now T now began yarning abt his own stuff, and I couldnt believe that so much was going on in his head back then, and he would always look calm and unruffled. We also found out that each of us in our own little clique had issues, but I guess not everyones like me........talking about what pinches them.
We discussed our old dreams and all, and I realized that in trying to keep up with all the pressure here, and me evolving into a new person, I had forgotten my old dreams, and all. Talking to him ignited my fire and made me bring out my old dreams, and dust them up, and hang on to them again. Since hes running his own company, he hadnt had much of a vacation, and he also had stuff to talk about, so I guess we sharpened each other, as the good book would say. Its nice to have good friends, friends who arent perfect, but who are sane. People who are normal.
Now well Im ok and ready to roll.
What else........I decided that diving into God wouldnt make me a freak, since my friend wasnt a I finally surrendered my life .........totally, and yeah, I did it for other reasons I wont talk about here.
What else........well I miss my girlfriend like mad, and like crazy, and Im bored, which is why Im blogging, Its a typical sunday.......and I can feel God talking to me in my heart, telling me Im gonna excel, telling me that no obstacle is stronger than myself, and that I can get anything I want, if I just trust in him and be patient.
Damn......Im missing my chick again.............sharrap, all you macho fools, at least Im man enough to admit my emotions.......

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the genius within said... woman go finish u..yeye pikin..don spoil finish..
doh i drop by ur blog now n then but atimes too tired to leave comments..

n yeah someone once said 'd only reason we write is so that others can read'

been busy wt sch..shd hand in my dissertation dis week Gods grace...

and a trip home is on d cards..

n b free to blog once this week is over...

write cos u luv writing anyways

wish i had a gf...u shd c d couples here...make me long 4 someone to hold..

guess Gods times d best

take good care..hola