Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I'm thinking of a lotta stuff right now, I'm still searching around for a company where I can do my final thesis project . Ive gotten some possibilities, including one company located in one Godforsaken part of Amsterdam. I went there armed with a google map guide to the place, got down at the train station, then took a bus. On getting down at the bus stop, I was confronted with 2 things......firstly, the road looked so Godforsaken. Secondly, the road was one used by huge trailers. So every now and then, youd hear the sound of some dude tooting his horn, while driving at top speed.
I told myself, that If I was able to cross Oshodi road, Ikorodu road, and all those other roads, where guys go dey drive like James bond, and I didnt have an accident, then no be for this oyibo land wey strong tin go happen to me.
So well I entered the grass on the side of the road, and walked to the place. Men It was so long, and I was looking over my shoulder, to see if no trailer was coming behind me, and sometimes, some guys would pass by and look at me, sometimes Id imagine they'd be thinking.......see this black dude trekking on this road in a suit....lol!
After a lot of getting lost, and swearing at these people for not putting their office in a comfortable area, I found the place, and was 30 mins late, but by then I didnt give a damn any longer. I wanted to bail earlier, but I thot of all the time I spent coming here, and so I just persisted in finding out the place. Imagine trying to pronounce some dutch street name, and then checking my map to see if it was the same, or if I hadn't missed a letter, and you will have an idea of how I felt.
On getting there, I was interviewed by some dude like 6 ft something, and long hair.
Why do geeks always gotta look so ...........geeky? (oh and Im also one BTW, so geeks reading this shouldn't vex)
One of the first things he told me was that "most pple found this place hard to find". Men I just no reply.
After the interview, he tells me that the walk back to the bus stop was gonna take me like 10 mins. I was like WTF? It took me like 20 mins. Well it turned out there was one pedestrian path I should have taken when I was coming to the office, but since I thought it was for guys coming from the opposite direction, son of man decided to risk his life walking on the side of the very busy road.......mennnn. And It did take me abt 10 mins or thereabouts.

Anyways I no dey work for that company abeg.........dem no get the kin pepper wey I need.....they told me that only one of the projects would involve them giving me "support" for having to go there everyday, and men I need more than just "support".
And nna men, the place just too far, abeg!
Well I got other options, so well lets see.

Yeah as an aside, please help me talk to my girlfriend. She has been infected by the disease called Lepacitis. She has been talking about losing weight. Me Ive been encouraging her to eat more akpu and bitterleaf soup, and pounded yam, but she wants to lose it. Can you imagine, please abeg make una help me beg am oh! I cannot imagine life without all those, er, er, nice big jiggly.....(note to self: see pastor for prayers and deliverance)
And I have been thinking of getting a tattoo, like seriously....Im thinking of putting an orobo......sorry Lion, on my shoulder, but I need ideas.
So guys........I need una advice oh!

PS Yeah I was seriously yabbed by my pally femi, cus of femi the rat, in my "legend of the 3 rats" post...........dude.......it wasnt nuthin personal, honest! (angelic expression)

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the genius within said...

hehe..of all the names you could have made up..lol..anyways starting small might help u..u never know what u could find in the most unforgiving places...

and yeah, i think your girlfriends thinking more about the health issues of being on the orobic side...lol

so accept her, whether shes lepa or orobo...no be u wan luv....lmao

n yeah u'd get the job God has in store for u so no worries...