Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have nothing better to yeah Im blogging away.

I just wanna ask a series of questions that have to do with human nature in general...


Is it so easy for us to pass judgement on others but not ourselves?

Is it that when we do shit, we dont realize it can come back, and bite us in the ass, and affect our future and the ones we love?

Is it that we make excuses for ourselves when we screw up.....but mercilessly torture others for the same mistakes we made/make?

Is it that when we realize who we are and how we erred, it seems to take forever when we want to become better people?

Is it that its difficult to forgive and forget?(my fleshly nature)

Is it that, we live in a society where women are regarded as objects, and shes considered soiled if shes been "touched"?

Why do we who have to cast the first stones?

Is it that its difficult to let go of the past, even though you try, thoughts and images still come back and haunt you? And even when you cry out to Jesus, it still seems like forever till help shows up?

Why is it that when you think you are making progress, theres always one stumbling block across the way?

Is it that even when you know God says youre stronger than any obstacle that comes against wake up in the mornings with the same weight on your heart, and you still feel like shit?

Is it that sometimes when you feel like youve found something worth holding on to, and worth keeping, something youve been waiting for all your life..theres one comma attached to it? (Yeah we know nothings perfect)

Why does it seem that negative things manifest faster than positive things?

........Im still asking why....and no, I dont think too much.

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