Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ouch! I had my wisdom teeth taken out, on the left side of my my left ear has an ache, and my teeth also in that region...whats a brother supposed to do...all because I wan do fine boy? And I went to the bone surgeon's he just told me there was nothing he could do, and that I should give it time. I got some pain killers (Which I had to ask for), and thats it.
I have been very lazy, and left off martial arts training for like 2 weeks now...I need to get back and practice again... Toastmasters was nice..I won a speaker award last meeting..and someone said its a Nigerian thing, referring to my ability to be spontaneous and to come up with ideas on the spot. My friend told me he didn't want to sound nasty, but he felt it was inborn, i.e that we were all smooth talkers, and he mentioned he'd met some of us who were con-artists....the way my guy was like 'Damn! You guys are good' expression. Anyways he agreed with me that it's just a few of us using our 'talents' for bad things, and obviously they all know (Thanks to people like me), that not all Nigerians are like that. I have made myself, an unofficial one-man ambassador of Nigeria, ko easy sha, but I dey try.

On the chicks side, men, my armor seems to be cracking...see, this prayer of 'Lead us not into temptation' men, some kinds of temptations exist such that, you will walk into it as if you are in a trance...Now, even though I don't condone infidelity in any side of the relationship (Man, or woman), I now understand how some men fall...I just think God loves me specially, and he manages to yank me out of stuff

For our next toastmasters meeting, I am helping someone with her speech, and it involves me dressing up as a chick...the woman doing the speech is bringing me a wig and a wrapper. Guys, don't roll eyes..this is me...wavemasta...lover of all women big and beautiful (Well, beauty is a plus, but as long as all the 'assets' are so, I haven't changed my sexual orientation, or decided to wear women's thongs, and no I am not trying to 'channel my inner woman' make una relax.

I haven't been to church in 2 weeks, I gotta go this week...its just that men, my church far small, and as I haven't bought the Audi yet, yes I know excuses hexcuses...hehe..don't worry my soul is intact.

I had a good laugh with a naija friend, looking at some chicks facebook pictures. Women, I love you all, but please, if you don't have a large butt, or a shapely butt, then do not, take those back shot pictures where the lady is looking over her shoulder...I mean this womans own was FLAT...I mean, I could drive a car on it, and not hit any bumps or 'pot-holes' (lol)....My guy was trying to defend the chick telling me that her breasts could compensate for the flatness of the behind, but I staunchly told no....I mean what if I wanted to ...*er.... you know what? Some kid might be reading this...lemme leave the raunchy stuff up to some people.

*Sigh...Life is good anyways...

I have a question for you people...can a dude really be monogamous? I mean, I used to think so, but events have been happening and I have been philosophizing about it...funny how much time you got to think when you live alone...
Now I am not asking this question because I have 'plans'....its just a question...I know female folk can stay more than 2 years without it...but can a dude do that? Even if he might not wanna hit it...he still might want to test his 'hunter' instinct...this is no battle of the sexes..just been doing some thinking..

Anyways, I gotta go chop...remember make love, and not war..


Miss Natural said...

You're funny!!!!! lol...and that's so cool I want to join the toastmasters tooooo. I've been researching on it but at the moment their membership fee is too much. So you're good at speaking,'ve got good flow :) nice. Pele about the teeth, hope it gets better. I won't make this comment so long but I enjoyed this.

chayoma said...

Ndo. is it swollen too. must hurt like hell, huh!
awaiting the answer to ur question.... the male monogamous thingy.
wavemasta, can u stay 2 years without getting some (sounds like a personal question ,huh)