Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hey people.
Back to my old city, and living with my Bro for now. That landlady in the place I was staying in before dey fight me over toilet paper and internet cable wire, so I had to find my way.
Mumsie came to visit. She hadn't seen me in 2 years and it was nice seeing her again. Then next thing she's like telling me I have added weight or something. I was just looking. She kept making a big deal of it. I wasnt going to start justifying or reminding her of days when I only had enough money to buy one piece of plantain, or when I was attending martial arts classes twice a week. Anyways I just dey look. I wonder what she will say when she discovers I have no intention of marrying a skinny skeleton, and I do only big beautiful women. I wonder if they (my parents) will now decide, and say
"Wavemasta, you cant marry her cus she's too big". I go just dey look, and do my own wedding. It will be hell on earth being married to someone I cannot "feel" *wink.
It just depends on if the chick in question has liver.
Anyways am wondering and thinking about a lot of things. One of my exe's married today. I really wish her the best because shes a good person, and yours truly wasn't naughty during our times together and I respected her stance.
Its amazing how time flies, and I wonder when mine would show up. Man proposes but God disposes.
I'm currently still job hunting. And believing God for the best. Cus I need the one thats best for me. So I can chill while strategist for my other businesses.
The pastor at church preached a very powerful word about "Helpers of destiny", and the premise was that when your dreams are big, God brings into your life, those who can help you. And that the people might not look like much. Reminds me of one misguided person who was asking why he should learn from me because I wasn't uber successful. (thats in another of my lives btw).
So people, anyone can have the information you need, and you need to tune in and see everyone as abundant. I am learning Dutch now, using my ipod, listening to mp3's, and repeating them.
I am wondering if I am inflicting suffering on myself by not having another woman here, while I got one back in naija, who we haven't seen. I mean the girls have really powerful control, but like one woman wrote "If a guy can't have sex he can't think straight. For a woman its more emotion,togetherness. For a man, its a need".
Cus men, there are times I am just frustrated. But I am trying to do the right thing, and I wont force even my girlfriend into stuff she isn't ready for, or which she doesn't want to do.
That leaves marriage, but nna men, thats a big step and its for life. So you see the quandary one finds oneself in?
Well, I will just go into reverend father mode. And focus on building my biz and others.
Some might say, but how can I trust her? Well I do, and if shes messing up, God has ways of showing me stuff :-) hehe.
So many many things running around in my head...
Well God dey sha, lets see whats gonna happen.
Men I heard Turai Yar Adua wants her husband to die in office and not resign. Haba! When our presidents heart has stopped. This shows me that
Shes doesnt love him
She loves the position more than he does.
May Jah never give me that kind wife.
Amin Amin.

Bye folks!


dancing damsel said...

awwww feelz like i alredy knw u thru ur blogs...wish u all the best xxx

wavemasta said...

Thanks damsel! :-)