Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey gang, its been quite a while.
A lot of ish has been happening to me. Got a new job...yayyyy!
The dude wanted to hire me, I liked the place and so I have signed up.
I started last week, but men the commute is crazy. I spend like 5 hours in total max, for any commute. So I carry a book or listen to audio programs on my ipod, at least I am sure I am still feeding my mind, no matter what.
But its cool anyways, I have to just keep jacking my programming books like mad so that this one works out.
I was thinking of going to naija...for feb since my best friend is getting married, and has made me best man, but I don't know if that will send the wrong signal to my new boss. The man has been trying for me so far.
I think I will just get a UK visa so I can go play on weekends. It would be a welcome change from this scenario.
Anyways I wanna ask your opinion about something. Its been shown that most people subconsciously hold themselves back from success because they are scared that people close to them, esp their families might not like them or be comfy with their success.
Anyways, I was talking about how to look for a place and my sis in law kept harping on and on about how I needed to find a "cheap" place. She kept on going on and on about being "cheap" and how "cheap was good".
It sounded almost as if she dey try force that down my throat. My bro had to jokingly tell her to calm down, that I cannot go and live in a hole because of being cheap. She went on the say she was "careful" about money. My bro jokingly interpreted it as being cheap.
Now, I went upstairs and began thinking. So what if I buy a new car instead of going for a second hand one, which they believe in? What if my business succeeds and I build a mansion? What if I grow to Donald Trumps level and I own my own jet?
So, are they gonna freak out or what?
I can understand how Robert Kiyosaki felt when his dad believed the exact opposite of what he believed.
Its kinda food for thought anyways.
And of course no post by wavemasta would be cumplete without descriptions of how I have been keeping my abstinence vows. Its not been easy. One time on the train I sat next to one nice orobo who was smiling at me. My internal computer came up with different"scientific" means of getting her contacts which I discarded because I was supposed to be in a relationship, or I am supposed to be in a relationship, even though I haven't heard from the person in quite a while. I could have called, but nothing's been in my account for ages for me to get credit (see my turbulence posts), and I used my last card calling...and she doesn't come online..and she knows this ish...
Me, I won't talk, I go just dey look. I have gone past that stage of worrying whats going on in a chicks mind. I know say if she wan call, she go call,or mail, which makes me think ........ but bone story.
But men, if this relationship doesn't work, I am gonna free myself, more long distance ish...I think its time for me to try tasting different flavors of chocolate...y'know, milk, coconut, dark, etc. Just that I just dey think abt settling with all these games, at times aint fulfilling...
Anyways God dey.
Thanks to all my readers for the support and all...especially during my turbulent times...Myne Whitman, Dancing Damsel, Bem, and all of you guys who read my you all really... @Myne..where on earth is that ebook?

I just am imagining what my mum (well you know she's against weight gain and stuff) will say when she sees my future wife. I at times wonder if she go harass the babe, to lose weight, and the babe will know she no fit try am as in reduce the curves, else her husband (the one n only wavemasta) will simply not touch her. Simple.
In fact, I will put it in the marriage clause when we are signing the registry.

"If in the event, the signee (My future wife) decided to lose weight i.e drop below 70kg and reduce the sizes of the curves, especially the front side and back side...the primary client (i.e wavemasta) reserves the right to run away from the nuptial he don't like skeletons ...wait, make that run far far away" times I surprise myself...
But if that kinda kasala happens, then my folks will stop seeing me at family meetings..but hey, we don't have any. :-)
Ciao guys, n laters!


Myne Whitman said...

That part about people and their expectations of how well you should do is really food for thought. I don't know what to say, but I'll encourage you to pursue your dreams to the fullest. The sky is not even the limit and that's my own motto.

You can now buy a paperback or eBook of my novel from the publisher's website.

This is just the beginning. You can follow my blog in your list to get more updates as I post them.

And you're among the few guys that love orobo women sha, LOL...thats nice..

dancing damsel said...

o my gosh u mentioned me....yaaayy!! lol.... awww u'll b aite. and congrats on ur new job!...dunno y bt i kinda wanna tlk 2 u online or that aite?? yahoo or smfink??