Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well gang, hows it hanging?
Right now, had to move back to the old city I did my masters in, and I am chilling with a friend for the meantime. Hes' got this naija landlady who has two lovely baby daughters and I get to practice my dutch on them.
I scared them yesterday by asking for a knife and fork and threatening to eat them were so freaked out. I know I will be a wonderful daddy, I am looking forward to having my own daughters.
Things are looking better, at least on the inside (My mind). I know it is better already.
I am still applying to places all around, and also working on my own business part time, and chilling. But I am waiting for the stuff to manifest in my life so I can move out of here. I do not want the landlady's head to spark one day :-)
As per my relationship, well, I am just looking sha...looking and watching, and thats all you guys are gonna get from me.
At times obstacles come in all sorts of forms, physical, mental etc, so you can pull out that greatness in you and fly to the next level, and I believe that's whats happening to me right now.
But seriously, all those people who think living abroad is a bed of roses..I mean, they need a reorientation. Someone told me his friend said, if he could just get a gateman's job here, he would be happy. The friend is back in naija. I just shook my head, but if you try to talk to such people, you get tagged as an enemy of progress.
Anyways, "who no know no go, and who no go no know" :-)
Anyways, I'm off to read some more John Grisham, and thinking about my goals....


Myne Whitman said...

Hang in there, your next level is surely coming..

wavemasta said...

Thanks Myne! You inspire me!