Saturday, November 7, 2009

A lot has been happening. I have been working on my alternate career, and a whole lot of things. The job search is going on well. A company in Amsterdam sent me some programming test which was worded in a fuzzy way, because they wanted to "test" my analytical your guy took 2 cups of coffee and worked all night and slept 5 that morning, and handed in the assignment. I felt really bad ass, cus I hadn't done that in ages.
I now had to extend my visa in this yeye country. Luckily, the woman who helped me was Ghanaian, and we talked quite well, but nna men, the visa cost was absolutely too much. I paid close to 500 euros, chei! All because I was extending my stay here. So the thing almost cleaned me out, but jah dey sha.
My relationship with R is going on nicely. There have been some challenges, but Gods been faithful, keeping me, and shes been a source of joy and support to me anyways.
I am watching a program on AIT uk. I haven't seen naija TV in ages, makes me feel like I am back at home. I see so many tight sexy orobos on TV, but R has made it clear that I am now her "Territory", and she won't allow me near any orobos :-) (In a nice way).
Imagine, mumsie went to open my facebook (through my sisters page), and was now questioning me to know if I have traveled anywhere and all that. I wonder o, but well, I got my own life to live.
Anyways, life is good, and I believe its getting even better!
Ciao people, and I will write when things get better...


Myne Whitman said...

Nice to know you're still there. All the best in the test and with R too.

The book will soon be ready.

wavemasta said...

Good! When its ready then please send me a message, and tell me where I can buy it! Good work!!