Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hey gang...
Well I need to just talk to someone and this is my outlet..
At this moment, my life has been turned upside down literally.
I am officially jobless, and homeless...and I am sitting in a room I have to vacate
surrounded by my luggage.
First things....when you get a job, do not, I repeat, don't live in a company house..cus when they decide they do not want you, then your ass is out.
Anyways, they terminated my contract, then, I went job hunting only to be rejected
because I do not speak the language.
To make matters worse, I sunk most of my cash into my business, but it hasn't yielded any fruits.
So, I am searching for a place and my pastor suggested I move in with him as I wont need to spend cash. I stayed there for the whole of November, But 2 days ago, he tells me I have to bounce because another pastor is coming from naija and needs the room. I thought of going back to my former place, but my former flatmate who said it was ok yesterday, is saying another thing today.

Then about my relationship, well its bittersweet. At times I wonder why I seem to attract women which need some sort of healing into my life. And I always end up knowing them, fixing up their weak points (never taking advantage), but the burdens they seem to come with sort of haunt me.
It happened with my ex, and something similar like this is happening again. I do not know if this is the law of attraction, and I am attracting them into my life via negative reasons, and I am in a dysfunctional relationship(S), or for positive reasons because jah has some grand plan.
I woke up this morning feeling like just bailing out of the whole thing, but I sort of heard something in me telling me to just chill, and not make any rash decisions.
I didn't want to run partly because I am in love with R, and because of selfish reasons.. R has been here with me and supported me all through this, and like I said its bitter sweet.
This was what happened with my ex, and I went on that rollercoaster for 2.5 years before deciding like Abacha "Enuff is Enuff", and walking away.
Also, some spiro shit seems to be going on...I seem to be battling things in my head which I am sure would drive the average man mad...but I am not average, and I am a victor.

I know that my life is being rearranged by God and the universe, because I am going to the next level,and because this year, I set some MAJOR goals... but, the great wavemasta, homeless, and being kicked about like a football...nna men...
My pastor wanted to hook me up with one dude in church, but I see this brotha every sunday, and no offense, but he looks like he's trying to get by, and he's on govt housing also. And I didn't like the idea of me being bounced up and down like some parasite, and so I began taking my destiny in my own hands.
Imagine, some of my mates are married and some have kids. They all seem happy in their marriages and relationships, but no, its wavemastas own that seems different.

I got no choice sha, but to keep on pushing, and I will ride out this storm, and this relationship thing also, well, like I did before, I will ride it out till the end. Ode-eshi, nothing dey happen.
But I will curse anyone who sees me driving my Audi S5, and thinks I am a drug dealer because I became a billionaire at a young age. Speaking of billionaires, I asked for some feedback from some of my fans about my business and brand.. and one of them was like "Why should I learn from you...its not like you're super successful. Maybe you just read the books"..nna men, I weak....
Well he said it politely, and I did ask for feedback.
So, should I leave R, because issues seem to harsh to deal with? and will wavemasta have to sleep on the streets n hustle? And will wavemastas going-back-to-naija-after-3-years-5-months-in europe become a reality this december?
Stay tuned....

"I was not born in defeat, neither does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion, and I refuse to walk, to talk, to sleep with the sheep. The slaughter house of failure is NOT my destiny.I will persist till I succeed" -The greatest salesman in the world.


chayoma said...

Will be praying for u bro!

The storms are hard, but the worst will soon be over.
Hang in there.
There will surely be a way :)

Myne Whitman said...

Sending warm thoughts your way. You know it's never easy at the beginning. Hang in there and the end will be greater.

I didn't realise you had a business. Good luck and take care OK

wavemasta said...

@Chayoma and Myne...
Thanks rock...
I feel so much better....

sunnyside said...

wish you luck and Gods grace. takia