Monday, November 23, 2009

Turbulence 2

Well gang, its me again. To those of ya who were supportive..thanks.
Well I got back home last night after checking a possible lead for a place to
lay my head, and after lots of frantic phone calls, One of my friends invited me
to come rough it in his place.
I woke up this morning feeling like an alien. I felt like I didn't belong in this house any longer. I woke up hearing the house move as the kids were going to school, but thing is I was just too freaking comfortable in bed. But I was like..hmm if the head of the house opens the room and begins to yell, then wetin?

So I get up, clean myself up and all. I begin to strategize. First I motivated myself by reading about persistence all over and over from "The greatest salesman in the world" then I now began to focus. Its funny...all my friends are no where to be reached, and I am not the kinda person to stress anyone out in any way. I had to holla a friend of mine who I will be buzzing on gmail, and he'd be too busy to talk.
So anyways, I give him the full gist, and then began jisting him about R. When he hears about some similarities to my ex and stuff hes like "Dump her fast" his reason being I do not need distractions. I say, well I'm in love, and he goes that I can fall out of love and its a choice.
Anyways sha, I just keep quiet and not talk, because the person you want me to dump, might have some flaws, but shes been the one being there for me when you never had my time. But sha, he's my friend, so hes just trying to talk, and blah....
I try calling my sister (not my blood one but close to) cus theres one way she speaks and I feel better, but I have been trying her number for ages. It rings, but she never picks it up. I wonder why.
I also tried to call my girlfriend. The number wasn't going, and I'm wondering why I have not heard from her, because I would expect a call at least to check up on me, but maybe shes stuck in traffic or something.
Apart from this whole situation, I am wondering if this relationship will work out this time. I just hope this isn't me repeating some weird subconscious bad pattern, but we will see.
The owner of the house will soon show up, and well, I will just smile as if nothings happening. This shit is just temporary, and if I could make it this far, without going mad, or anything, then it will be well.
I have now learnt first hand how important it is to focus on your dreams, and do not be dependent on anyone. Whether its a company for your paycheck, or someone else for a house. I read this book called "Millionaire republican" by a dude called Wayn Allyn Root, and he said and I quote "Millionaires own...they don't rent".
You have to own your life, your house, your destiny, or you're toast. And you have to pay the price, no matter how steep it is, as long as you are not violating the rights of others, in the pursuit of your dreams.
I guess thats the price I am paying right now. Better to experience the turbulence now then enjoy, than for you to enjoy now, and experience the turbulence later on.

Someone suggested I start selling newspapers. I am not ready to go that route. No matter how many of you think I am proud. I just cant study for an MSc, work for a year, start my own biz, and be hopping bicycles selling newspapers. If you read my earlier posts, you will realize it was hell for me during my MSc days, but I pushed through it. I almost never had a day of rest in this place, without something or the other on my mind..
Now to suffer all that to dey ride bicycle dey deliver paper...I reject it in Jesus name, amen!

I have not told mumsie about the whole scenario, because I don't need wahala for now. Not even my bro here...last thing I need is someone to start talking down to me or treating me like crap because I am under his roof. And mumsie dey show next week, kai! And some of those spiro things I told u about...see, at times I wonder if seriously, they sent "them" after me Jah dey sha. I am a soldier of prosperity...nothing dey happen...I wont give up...lailai!

I would prefer to just rough it. I will still legitimately hit my million mark by next year, and all of you will hear about me. And I will do it without violating the rights of any one.
Cheers people...
Lemme get back to my life.

Ok.....I just added this...
The tax office just called me telling me they had sent me an invitation to come and see them this morning, but I didn't and that it was about my company. I sha told them the whole gist, and how I couldn't give them a proper address because I was bouncing from place to place. The man said a nice bye bye. I hope its buried now, because I do not need any other wahala, but if any more comes (which I pray not) God go help person.
And before that, I called my parents, because I wanted to yarn them the whole koko, but they were in the car about to go to GTB in naija, so I didn't have the heart to tell them I will drop it on them tonight.
I have packed my things into one closet in the room I was staying at pastors crib, and I have one suitcase and some bare essentials.. :-)

Still haven't heard from R. Well we go see....

Am outta here!


leggy said...

first time here, hope you are fine?

wavemasta said...

Yeah I am leggy, thanks!

tankojjetty said...

Dude..take heart
Everyone's been here at one point in time...
even the best of them...
It'll only get better...
My guy something's gotta give...
You're on the path to success...
just stay focused...

hope my words are worth something

1st time here by the way

sunnyside said...

how are you doing?

wavemasta said...

@tankojjetty -Thanks, your words mean something..
@sunnyside, I am alive, kicking, and looking up to God o..
@everyone:thanks for the support :-)