Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Its been ages since I blogged....since July..wow! 3 months popping. Well, a lots been happening, where do I start from?
I'm now single again, and in no hurry to settle down again. I have been working a lot on myself, and adding value to people, and all that. Ive set new goals, and my life is now on Turbo pilot right now, but I aint worried because it will be fine.
I'm tired of this country, and working on my bail out plan. I cant stay in a place where the government has stupid laws prohibiting foreigners from earning money from other sources out of their day jobs. Were alasho.
Anyways sha, I miss home, miss the babes, the street, most especially the honeyz.
I came 3rd in my Toastmasters Table topics competition last week, I also was on the organizing committee... working my butt of..man, e no easy.
Something happened to me today...I ran into a blast from the past...I dunno if its a good thing or not.
Anyways. I wonder whats happening in my country. Its gotten to the extent that I do not like to even read Nigerian newspapers or sites, because they are filled with so much negativity and taking that into you every morning isn't going to help me at all.
I have some very wonderful female friends in my life God has blessed me with. Its funny...I wonder when or how my spouse will show up.
Speaking of spouses, everyones getting hitched. Gone were the days when guys wanted to make as much cash as possible before that. I mean, I know 2 of my guys still studying for their MSC's at my former university...yeah, that university which almost drove me mad...and they just ran back home and got hitched. It shows the ladies that they don't need to panic, because there are still guys who keep to their promises.
Me, though, with the sort of things going through my head then, I wasn't even seriously considering getting married. All my thoughts were about finishing the MSc as soon as possible!
Anyways sha, I wish everyone the best. I believe I am walking on my own path, and God help us all :-)
I have a brainwave for a new Straffe Okon novel..
Wud keep una posted.

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Myne Whitman said...

I'm lucky I came across your blog. Nice writing, I went back to read some of the S. Okon stories. Raunchy but action packed. Well done, I will add you.