Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy easter my peeps, God bless y'all. I should have updated but men I have just been so lazy. Working on projects and a whole lot, anyways...
I didn't gist you that I gave my icebreaker speech at toastmasters. The icebreaker is like your 'initiation' speech, and funnily enuff I won best speech of the evening, and I am like...Wow! That was kinda like 2 weeks back.
From there on in my office they have done another internal rearrangement. Now my managers table is kinda behind me..I am not sure if thats good or bad...hehehe. Now before you peoples minds start flying to different dimensions, just know that some sites are blocked in my office. Yeah those geeks have been working overtime. So, no porn, you tube doesn't play videos, hi5, FACEBOOK (Thank God!), meebo,yahoo messenger etc...but trust me sha, I get back door for chatting, only thing is I get caught up in work so much that I do not think about those things...I can also use blogger but cannot read the comments, those get blocked also...but I got a back door, etc.

I actually succumbed and went to watch the movie that everyones raving about 'Jenifa'. I heard it was hilarious..anyways it was one of those movies that when you watch, you actually get embarrassed for the actor/actress, and you do not want to watch again. But sha it was funny in some areas, but they passed across some erroneous info in the movie. Part which creeped me out was where some chicks went in a bus for some supposed party, and in the middle of it, ritualists just came out and slaughtered em all. The chicks were meant to dress in yellow and black, and the ritualists had the same thing any chick dem see like dat, na die be that.
Got me thinking...sure its a movie, but most of us Africans or Nigerians do think that way. When are we gonna realize that getting rich is not a matter of 'jazz' but about your mindset, and willingness to trade value, (not your body), for money?
It beats me also why some men think that by slaughtering a fellow human being, they can turn them into a human ATM, spewing out dollars? And these lies, and myths are actually believed by guys with exposure. You cannot get bill gates kinda cash like that...I kid you not.

At my toastmasters meeting, I got chatting with this Romanian babe...very geeky but hot..we got talking about the different issues in our countries, and she told me that her country also had corruption, and also she believed that all countries had good and bad people, so she didn't think my country was that bad..we ended up in a sort of contest as in 'whose country's issues are the craziest'..she asked me if I had plans to change the system, you know go back, etc...I shared some of my plans, but let her know that our corruption and ish are perpetuated by people who went out of the country, but went back and got sucked into the system.
I mean back in my university in naija, some of the lecturers chasing skirts went to top schools like oxford, etc...but they came back and well, they got 'systemed'.
I do not believe that will happen to me. Only thing is that omo boy is gonna open his eyes well....
Now see me, o, thank God I got new supplies of garri and egusi to last me...hehe, jah dey. I spend wey too much cash on books on self development..I pray it pays off oooh.
I always get into arguements with my housemate..he loves leaving the toilet seat up, and I like it down. The annoying thing is when I get to the bathroom, and he leaves the door wide open, and the seat up..he says it's always like that at the company, but so freaking what? lol... I told him his chick would complain, but he says no..
Anyways, I was at work on good friday, but tomorrows free for me...make I use am relax.
Ok, I just added this later to this post. I was chatting with a childhood friend of mine, and like most times he said things in yoruba like 'God will do it', and etc etc, and sometimes I would just say amen, or make faces, (nice ones), nothing freaky, just in tune with my personality..but do you know that he later began asking me if I was an atheist? I mean WTF? I am against false religion, and I don't believe I must say God every 5 mins to 'defend' my faith. Na wa oo.. there are so many people who must use God as a noun, adjective, etc and still commit the most heinous atrocities, so when people keep saying 'we thank God', 'God is on the throne', etc...I am like in my mind 'yeah we know all that, but be real for once...arghhh!' Don't know if anyone feels me... but the guy apologize sha, but it just got me thinking...


Afrobabe said...

Happy easter...

hmmmm did you get carried away with the girl's beauty or why else were you washing our dirty linen in public??

wavemasta said...

@Afrobabe...well our linen is already out there for the whole world to see...check sites like
It was more like an exchange of ideas,issues of our respective countries.. and I won't pretend we dont have issues when we do. You prolly dont know theres a part of the country here which has most of all these people...and this was told me by a cybercop..
I am tired of paying for other peoples screwups and greed.
Happy easter by the way!

Anonymous said...

Dude, cool post. About the 9ja lecturers, I think that's just sad. That's why I hated so many lecturers back in my school them. They acted all tough with the guys and gave the babes an easy ride and canned them too. I really hated it. So when I was a teacher during NYSC, guys kept asking me about the students and I said I didn't know and quite frankly didn't care. I mean, what would have been the difference btw me and univ teachers who sleep with students. SO I thank God I avoided the temptation.