Saturday, December 8, 2007

just there

I want to write this before I go hunting for dodo in the Arab shop...Men, a lotta stuff has been happening in my much that I cannot even begin writing em here, since people know who I am an what my blog is about. Lets just say that I recently broke an Iron clad principle of mine, and Its difficult for me to 4give myself, but anyways sha. What about the madam? Well lets just say that I don't know, really men, I'm just in a crazy state right now......
Anyways sha, what else has been happening? My thesis project is moving along slowly and steadily, and I guess Gods bein tryin to make me cool down and not panic when I look at the sheer amount of work facing me, Instead I just gotta break it down and take it little by little. Its December, and I have spent over a year here, omo son of man wants to just graduate and move on men...
A lot of things disturb me about the future, the thing is that I am good academically (Haters, na you sabi), and Im also good in the field.....and the choice is whether to think of a PhD or just go and work, of which I got very nice offers.
The thing is that while having a "Dr" title appended to your name sounds realli realli cool, I aint sure about spending another 4 years away from Naija.....and I want cash, cold hard cash, and Im not ashamed to say it. I also want to like start up a company and other ish, and get married in like 2 years , yes now, agro is not good oh!! In this white man land, if u get full tank and you no fit unload, men you go do some kin things.
Another thing is the lonliless you feel here, even though people say you might get used to it, but I'm a social person, and that has been hard for me to adjust to. Imagine waking up in the morning and looking at the four walls of your room, no one to talk to except God, and everyone around you is carrying their own cross, and thinking , "Öh crap, I have to write code."
I also dont want to be a stranger in my own land......I dream of lekki mansions, hummer jeeps, and carrying my girlfriend/fiancee/wife to watch Jazzman olofin, p-square, and Night of a thousand laughs. Am I crazy...nah, just a realist, who knows what he wants. I'm scared I might do the academic thing, maybe when I get a distinction here, I might get pressurized into doing it, I might lose my chick (if I havent lost her already) cus she might want to get married and all, and 4 years of my life go just go like that, ontop kpali, and on the other hand, I don't want to be thinking, hmmm na wa oh, " Dr " in my name sounds nice.
Anyways sha, for now, I have chosen the way of getting a job and seeing what life has to offer. I gots to get pepper, thats the main koko. If you need inspiration, just listen to Akon (The sweetest girl), and hear what he said abt cash... :-)
Yeah, I know cash can't buy happiness, but this eficco here knows that its better being unhappy in a Mansion, and feeling the blast from a samsung AC on your body, watching Television from your new Phillips Aurea TV, than for you to be unhappy inside one face me I face you, at the mercy of PHCN, and living in a room close to the public toilet which no one flushes.
Anyways, I gotta go and shop. My scholarship guys are messing up again, and the monthly payment for my thesis hasnt come in, so I better go and buy beans and plaintain (thank God for arabo), so son of man no go starve.
Safe y'all.

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