Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This is just a short overview of stuff thats been happening anyways. Today , my partner and I finished the second part of that crazy compiler construction assignment, this is thanks to waking up at crazy hours and working like dogs, but we are done. Now it is certain that your friendly neighborhood nerd is gonna graduate next year. I got this weakness when It comes to solving problems and projects. Yeah, the great eficco i.e me, has a weakness, and its that I get intimidated when I am faced with a large project, then I get anxious and panicky, but the thing is that somehow I always pull through, I dont know why. I was walking around in my room, and I stumbled across a universal principle which I will share with you.

The thing is that in this world we live in, we got principles that have been tested over time, and the principle is that if I want to move from A to B, and I take steps to move me 4ward each day, I must (MUST) eventually reach my destination. I heard this like a voice in my mind, and I was agonizing over the snail-like speed at which my project was moving. So I am gonna just relax, and put in steps everyday to make sure I move 4ward, now I know I'm gonna leave here next yr...YAY!
Now enough of the deep yarns, well whats being happening, I'm trying so hard to get my madam back, this is someone I had this deep spiritual connection with, so bad that when I felt it was broken I lost control and fell into the lowest pit of human depravity, anyways Im trying to get her back.....I talked to Jah about it, and asked him for wisdom to do the right thing, and I am sure he has done it. I feel so cut off and detached, its crazy, but sha God na your eye we dey look.

They have paid me for my thesis both for November and December, so thank God I can pay my rent, and do my laundry for the first time in 3 week (Abeg no laff oh!) . Also today it seems as if I was destined for a lot of revelations, cus I attended this lecture by a prof from MIT called Ken Morse and he stimulated my mind with so many ideas. I feel now my life has a direction and I know where I am going, and I can feel now that my life is gonna be different, and I won't just be another flash in the pan. Anyways Xmas is coming around soon, and I have no plans yet, maybe to go chill at my Bros place, and all, then new year, I would still be at my Bros place and then Later I will go to some friends place and then chop his turkey....
Anyways men, whatever will be will be, and God will bless us all.....

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