Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yeah I'm back,got too many things on my mind......had wahala with the madam, basically its over, yeah. Dnt get it wrong, it had happened before but trust me, I was trying to look for reasons and do damage control.....lets just say my instincts told me there was a reason apart from what she mentioned and I was right.......I did blame myself, I was an ass, but well, I gotta just press foward and focus on the koko(graduation and excessive cash), painful sha ,cus men I neva lurved b4, but.....I don't wanna quote Eminem here...
So I'm thinking about so so many things, learning d lessons, tryina 4get the details..Well I will make myself better n improve.....and still keep my self respect. Cus I knw peeps who do worse..some very hurtful things were said, by her, and by me also, hey, when I screw up, I admit it men, I dont claim holy...but some of those things that were said by her hurt like hell. Seems lyk relationships for me only work if I want a short term thingy,then most of the stuff which made me an ass wouldn't have occurred cus I wudn't give a damn, but for serious relationships, issues, and gbege just come up.......anyways men, I still chop chicken and small wine for xmas, we gats to gyrate small....There were things said I shouldn't have said, and things done that I shouldn't have done..but I don't regret it happening, it was cool, funny, strange, and fun while it lasted,If I had a choice, I'd do it all over, so sweets, if u read this....its a pity u got ur mind set, and I cant force u, my previous attempts to beg u ended up with me being treated like a pest..am sure it was a matter of time b4 u brought out "Raid" pesticide.

Anyways on a lighter note, I found this tight video by a group called "Resonance", and its called "chinwe Ike", tight gospel jam, feel the video..

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