Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Omo men, enough things have been happening to son of man, e no easy. Firstly I am doing this thesis of a thing. In this school, you cannot afford to ask foolish questions of your supervisor, make in no think say you be mumu, so most times, we are just in the dark, or basically, we are forced to think for ourselves. I guess its good training.
Well sha, son of man has his issues, I gotta think about making extra cash, sorting out my life, planning where I wanna be after this, etc.
As per the cash, I found out the money the school was payin for tuition and the cash I am getting for my thesis isnt enough to pay rent and tuition combined together. Imagine them, awon ole(tiff), they r deducting more than they give me, and making out the extra as "Health Insurance", shey dem tell me say I get sickness? I be african man now, I no fit sick. So I am in negotiations to work out something, like a job, etc.
I had a sort of arrangement with my coordinator but the man don tire, in don transfer to another school, so son of man dey on in own.....
Xmas is coming, and like always, all I can say is that men, make all this festivities be gotten over with and all. I desperately need a haircut, but the clipper wey I bring from naija don spoil, now I resemble animal.
Paying the price for what you wanna achieve ain't easy, Last nyt after a hard days work of coding, I felt a bit low, esp as I had seen just 2 digits in my acct. I now hollaed one of my boiz in naija, men the guy dey inside party, dem dey blast "yahooze", damn, I wanted to just quench, bros dey kill his ass on top foreign Msc, and guys dey baraje somewhere. Anyways sha, its all good.
About my relationship or whateva, well sha, its on hold for now, I've tried all I can, and its takes 2 to "tongolo". I'm here whenever she needs me, but I got to sort out my own ish. All I am doing now is trying to be responsible and stay outta trouble. I have just been turning down invites to shine congo, of course its "pay as u go", but well I gotta be responsible, but e no easy, serious aggro dey hook the son of man, and no be book go warm person for this winter season.
Anyways sha, Jah go everyly support his own, he is faithful, so nuthin dey happen.
Its good to hustle hard like Nas said, and neva give up.....and like a person dear to me once told me..."its when ure close to the finish line that it seems tougher."
Anyways, I know its just gotta work out, everything good just has to come my way...thats the way it is.

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