Tuesday, December 25, 2007

xmas post

Merry xmas to all. I am feeling quite lazy, but son of man just feels the need to write down something today. I'm at my bros place, thank Jah they have wireless, so I'm still connected to my lifeblood(The Internet). Todays bin cool so far, bin playin with my little nephews, I got some xmas presents, in the form of a cd holder, and some pjs..Am so thankful to God, cus I know back home, some pple are just celebrating xmas under bridges, so I am grateful to him, and the reason for the season(his son Jesus Christ).
I have had a lot of time to reflect over 2007. 2007 was a year of discovery, a year of love, joy, pain, and sorrow. One of those periods a person has to pass through, when he comes face to face with the darkness within, and faces himself, and battles it out, for change. A period when I met and maybe pushed away an angel, a period where lessons were learnt, when I learnt who I really was inside...
Now its xmas day, 2007. Your crazy nerd has spent 1 yr and 5 months in this foreign land......I am so different from the dude who stepped off the KLM flight from Nigeria, almost 2 yrs back.
God has brought me through so many things, loving me for me, teaching me lessons, bringing me through trials. Now I have finished all my coursework, including courses where pple fail and are held back. Now its just that I want to improve some grades (u know say Naija man be greedy man).
I know am gonna graduate from here early next yr, with a distinction hopefully, get to the next level, amen.
I am gonna enjoy this holiday cus when I get back to school, I am gonna work like I have never worked before, so I get out.
I gotta reach the top, its just my destiny. Heck, I already at the top, I'm just securing my inheritance...
Then I just pray God helps me meet the one special person, and make all the hurt Ive caused go away.....

I got stuff for 2008, but I will leave that till then.

Merry Xmas everyone.......make I try out em pyjamas....oh I 4got, its just about hitting 12 noon....lolz

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