Saturday, November 24, 2007

Little by Little

Its being a while and so I decided to simply drop a note, to people who do ( or not) visit my page. I feel that I am making slow and steady progress winning the battle over some of the issues that have being plaguing me, even the buried ones.
After my relapse last week, I was literally chilling in my cafeteria (since It was pretty cold ) feeling down and a friend came online, and I just talked about some of it, and the friend told me what I had suspected....that I simply thought too much. So I decided to take things easy on me, and just pray to God that things work out.
I have also learnt to speak to myself, and just convince myself to take things easy. I also look back at all the things God has done in my life up till this point, and well I thank him also. Sometimes I wake up on a morning like today, and then I get these thoughts about issues and depressing ish trying to crowd my mind, but then I simply begin to speak to myself, telling myself that all this is for a short while, and that I will look back over all these so called issues, and laugh over them.
I am discovering a lot of things, one of which is that one cannot have all the answers to every question, which is why we aren't God anyways...Its another thing I am working on, because I have a very curious mind.
Anyways I know that by his grace I am slowly and steadily climbing up the stairway to success. About my woman, you ask? Well we are fine, all relationships, (especially ours since it's pretty unique) have their share of ups and downs, but we pretty much dialog and sort things out. I'm learning not to worry and well I am expecting the best. Now I gotta go and review some papers for my final thesis.
Cheers everyone!

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