Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well, a lot has been happening to me since my last post. It's been okay, so far so good and we thank jah for his mercies. A significant event happened, I am or sorta in a situation, and there was a time I had to ask God if I should go foward or back out totally. I had told him that if he himself didnt stop me then I wasnt gonna back out....and there was a time I thought he had shut the door, and that it was all over, only for things to resolve themselves in a miraculous way, which made my day.
So I'm still going foward, and I'm trusting what he said that "better is the end of the matter than the beginning".
Ok, enuff with the spiro yarns, men, lets see, I got my thesis project sorted out, cus men I need to graduate from here, and make cold hard excessive cash. If you think money is the root of all evil, men thats your problem. See and watch me while I blow dust in your face with my new Aston martin vanquish, with my woman in the passenger seat....yeah!! Lets see, oh, what has been happening to me of recent?
I was reading this cool book by my guy Brian Tracy called "getting rich your own way", and at a point in the book he asked us to write down three of the most important goals in our lives right now. I stopped and did that, and man, I must tell you I feel different.....its like I'm focused like a homing beacon. Anytime some other mad thot tries to mess up my head, I just think to myself........"Man, remember the koko, and focus, focus". Wait, it gets better. Brian now asked us to write down 100 things you would do or achieve if you have made all the money you want..he said doing that would attract our super concious minds, or something. Well I didnt know about superconcious, but since I believe I practicing stuff I read, I spent like 3 hours on that was a real eye opener for me, and a true test of how badly I wanted to get what I wanted.
A lot of people want to be rich, and reach the top, but for most its just a dream, cus they dont want it badly enough. If you can, stop reading and do the exercise, I dare you....write down 100 things you will do or achieve if you get the kinda cash you always wanted. My woman said she might only go past 20, but thats ok, cus part of the money will be spent making her happy, and maintaining the orobo figure. Lepa is a sign of poverty, and I bind any spirit of lepacitis around me in the name of ........ AMEN!!! 2007/2008 is my year of divine oroboprovision, and all my enemies moving against that should fall down by fire!!!
I bin getting interviews from companies for some part time work, but I haven't seen any to my taste, anyways men, jah dey, nuthin dey happen. My academics are going on well, and my baby persuaded me to take one course to occupy my mind when I was going through some depression, and I ended up blasting the course with 7, when everyone else was getting 6, and the prof wey dey take this course na hard man, so with this I was able to fill up my elective space on my study program. It's good to have an angel in your life.
Tomorrow night, I shud be clubbing in Amsterdam........don't worry nothings gonna happen (wink,wink)

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