Monday, August 9, 2010


I think I have lost my geek status. I dont like reading programming books like I used to, and Ive sort of lost interest in the field. I also want cash, and to be rich.Lots of it (cash), and to be on top of the food chain. My former boss telling me he could get software developers for X price (talking like I and people in my field were commodities) just put me off.

I take solace in studying business and personal development, because I discovered I like to encourage people, and leave people better than I met them.
I still love IT, and now that I am out of a job, I am seriously refecting as to what to do with my life. And as to what my life purpose is.
I'm thinking of a lot of things man, some job options, but then I am factoring in what will happen if I want to settle down. Face it, this place isnt the easiest place to adapt to. I have been here 4 years and cant speak the language fluently (though I cant get lost). For a woman to come join me here..e get as e some would love to just come abroad anyways.
Now I am seriously looking inwards, and asking myself, what am I good at, and what can I do with my life? I have decided to take several money generating ideas, and run with I only got one life to live.
Right now I am typing this 2 AM my time. I seem to have developed this sleeping madness where I sleep very very late, a la insomnia, and then wake up late.
After doing my self development, praying (at times) and feeling guilty for sleeping in, I go to the gym or just read.
Speaking of the gym, my body aches cus I did a massive workout yesterday, or today (depending on how u look at it). I made a commitment to getting my body in shape, cus when I got back here from naija, I hit some depression (mild) and I just didnt feel like going to the gym.
But when I lost my job, and I sat in the crib doing nothing but reading, watching TV, and drinking...I looked in the mirror and saw the beginning of a beer gut.

Now, I want to handle my "business" with my wife well, and she deserves anything apart from a pot belly, so that MOTIVATED me to go to the gym, to trek sef, its 20-30 mins walk from my house and my bike is broken, but its bearable with an ipod on anyways.

At this point, I have no idea where to send my CVs again. Most of these companies want you to speak dutch like a native speaker...ok I have enrolled in a course beginning close to the end of this month, but still, if you cant speak Dutch, they dont care about your skills...
Its their country anyways...
Its just I have a feeling I need to do something here...and its not yet time for me to leave. But the instant I get that telegram from Jah to leave here, you wont have to tell me twice.
I've sent my stuff (CV) to different places..I know something will turn up, and I am also chasing other money maker ideas of mine.
Chicks? Don't get me started. Their dating system here is crap, utter crap.
Imagine, you meet a chick at a party. If she decides to talk to you, you are apparently not meant to get her number, rather you ask for her MSN or yahoo id, then follow up from there. Ive tried the direct step-to-and-spit-game approach, omo, they are not happy they see fine boi talking to them..chei!
Well an alternative is to use dating sites...cus when we meet, we both know what we want. And all I can say is that with the way these chicks here behave, no wonder their guys are turning gay. Seriously.
The amount of conji that has held me here...kai, God is just laughing at me, I swear.
Check this out. I went for my toastmasters meeting at a members house.
Shes like ohhh would you like to see my cats?
I'm But I decide to be nice, and go look at the cats.
Imagine a room with 3 adults (sorry to include myself) staring at 2 cats who were squinting and feeling like superstars and people going ...."ooo they look so cute".
The owner was like "yes they love people"....kai! These people and pets.
If I am walking on a path, thats when you will see one silly man with one bingo on a leash. Instead of the bingo to walk jejely, it will now come to my side.
Wetin? If na 9ja, na kick u go use pursue am. But here, they can sue you for cruelty to
Reminds me of when I saw a Dutch woman use her hands to pack her dogs poop into a nylon, and throw it in a dustbin. I was waiting for a bus.....I was shocked. Kai! To say I was shocked was even an understatement....

God dey sha.
Anyways I dey run o....laterz!


Myne Whitman said...

See ya laterz..

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Isis-Rae said...

I really want money too.

KhmerHeartSandra said...

ha ha ha... I guess all of us been down that road. :)

Dancing_Damsel said...

lmaooo that was hillarious!!
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dhana said...

dude!! i wana learn the peigon launguage u guys talk!...LOOL i find it cool ;) intresting blog! keep posting

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