Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Belated Birthday Post

My birthday was last week wednesday, and I turned a year older. It was a quiet uneventful day, I mean what else would you expect in the Netherlands? If na naija I for carry boiz go shack after work, but anyways..
So, loads of people called me, sent me smses, wrote on my facebook wall...*sob
I felt so much love it was nice...then I got some cake and shared it for all my house fellowship dudes, came back home, eat some fried rice and chicken, eat some cakes (Still got leftovers in my fridge), and drank some wine..
Just looking over my life. Ive grown. A lot. Since my undergrad days, NYSC, almost spending 4 years working and thinking of the ordeal I faced during my MSc days..
Days of being alone, being broke at times, forced to be celibate(ewwwww), and generally adapt. It made me stronger though, bringing me closer to being the man I see in my vision.
So happy birthday to me..Ive been too lazy to log on and type this...lol...
To see another year added to your life is to thank God for sparing you. Life is beautiful, and when things go wrong or look wrong, appreciate the fact that you have eyes, legs, a brain, and the gift of life..
See you guys later!


Myne Whitman said...

Yes o, once there's life, there's hope. Belated birthday wishes of love and long life and success.

wavemasta said...

Awww thanks Myne...and I saw you featured on Naijaborn...congrats!!

The Storyteller said...

Well designed,informative interesting and entertaining. Keep it up.

Katrine Gato said...

hmmmm...Do not worry! It's just a new phase in your life!)
you're getting smarter

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