Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long time!

Hey guys:
Its been a long time since I updated. I was asked about it today, so I decided to do so. So much has been happening in my life. I got a new job, but I have to spend like 4 hrs and 38 minutes a day on the train to and fro. Its crazy...I get up 5.30 here just to make work by 9.00 in the morning, and the people at work think I am nuts.
I have been so occupied which is why I haven't had time to write.
Work is good....I am still on my naija holiday visit, and I still have to finish clearing up some debts from last year because during that time I was almost homeless, I had to do what was necessary to survive.
Man, e no easy but God dey.
I have time to work on my thoughts and a lot of personal development, so I have been training my brain to look for opportunities instead of the obstacles.
I am also searching for an apartment here..its been crazy looking for one. I finally had to stay with my brova as a last resort, and its been ok, but theres been some invasion of my know privacy means a lot to me..i.e "accidentally" reading my mails, and some weird intrusions into my life which I try to skillfully maneuver so as not to cause any friction in the house. At least I save money on food, and house rent but I spend cash on transport mehn..

I am determined to follow through and break through on my goals and ambitions. I can't allow this year to pass me by.

As for chicks, well I am still here, with conji...and R and I went our separate ways. It seems that it wasn't destined to work, and at times God just removes the energy from such relationships. I think its for the best, and we will both be better for it. There was no pain on my part. I have met someone else, but I dey take am slowly, no point in rushing cus I aint from russia.
My mum recently told me that I keep things inside. Well this is just because after listening to conversations taking place amongst my familia, I have realized that I think differently and I have my own ideas.
I mean, I am going to buy my own Aston Martin V12 vantage. But I'm sorrounded by pple who might think second hand is the way to go, and could be critical, you feel me? And I love to read a lot about success, cash, developing the mind, i.e personal development, but we aint on the same of course if I have my dreams, visions and plans, then why on earth would I be Joseph, and go blabbing all my stuff?

Its got to the point where I have had to direct some post to my office so it doesn't get opened for me when I get home. I try to look on the bright side as ok, I am living in someones crib...but jeez, I no be small boy, wetin?

Anyways Jah dey, seriously, I need my own place, but I know I got it now..

Im trying to expand my mind and see if I no fit get yarinya for to pass the time, but I am thinking of settling down soon. Anyhow it will get better..

Ciao guys...gotta get back to work.. ;)


Myne Whitman said...

Glad to read from you cos it's been a while. So you're still in naija? No wonder it's more difficult to browse the net. All the best with your plans and safe trip back.

wavemasta said...

@Myne...I'm not in Naija...haven't been there in close to 4 one of my goals this year..

Afam Anigbo said...

lol... now ur doing russian dll's?

dancing damsel said...

heyyyyaaaa......didnt get a rep 4rm ya d last tym...not fairrrr :( hope u good tho xx

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