Sunday, April 25, 2010

So Far

wassup people...
Its been close to two months since my last update, yeah I know, a lots been happening. I got a new crib, new apartment, and I was able to move, and end the 4 hour commute, and settle down at my job. R and I split up ,you know we just let the relationship die, but I am better for it. Have someone now, R seemed to be just to tide me through those times, but I hope shes good wherever she is.
The jobs there, learning new stuff, being yabbed by my bosses, but trying my best anyways. The place is alright though. New city looks good, I have an apartment in a building with people...yeah not aliens, lol..main thing on ground is the internet access. I had issues with the last provider because they were so uncultured and rude. The internet wasn't working, I asked them to fix it, and they started blathering about if the cable signal was working.
I told em I didn't have a TV, and so I cudn't test it, but I was sure it was ok. They now told me they needed to know if the cable was working. I told them I didn't have a TV, and the silly fool at the end went to tell me to go borrow one.imagine!
Anyways I was bounced up and down so much I cancelled UPC and got KPN. Now KPN is telling me theres no entry point for internet in my house. The landlord says otherwise, that its in one other apartment on the other side. Thing is they are coming btw 8 and 6 pm on wed, so I have to wait for them or na me go suffer. These technicians here feel they are God. They can't give the exact time they are coming, imagine! And if they come and theres any delay, they just bounce!
I told this to my landlord n he said I should just stall them and call him n he'd be there in 5 minutes. Heres keeping me fingers crossed. All this for service I have to pay for.

The place is still crib. I have to furnish it lil by lil. First thing I had to do was get blinds to cover my windows, those things were freakin expensive, but I needed them cus I had to change in the bathroom and turn off the lights in the apartment when I want to dress and stuff.

I was supposed to be in 9ja, but well I set the right goal, but wrong date, but I am still gonna go sha. I need to think, clear my head, see my land, and well meet my current girl n see how it will go from there. Enuff jist man.

This place can make you do freaky things...seems my beer intake has increased, I gotta watch it though, but when you are alone, anything goes.

Working on a project to add an extra source of income i.e passive income. I'm doing this via network marketing and I am excited cus I am reaching for my dreams..also got a book being published but I won't say anything, before someone traces me here n reads some of my other the "Hidden chronicles of Okon.."

Thats enough for now guys...later...and yes I am at the office jamming music...such is my life for now....


Myne Whitman said...

Sounds like you're cool and I'm glad to hear that. As for your book, you could remove the excerpts that don't want to share.

All the best.

Dancing_Damsel said...

awwww welldone for ur book!!! and goodluck with furnishin ur apartment! lol

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